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The Goods Line, Sydney
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The Goods Line

“You have to remember, Sydney is a city built on gullies and ridges”, I have said to many people over the years. It’s something that was first pointed out to me by a friend of a friend. And she was right. “If you ever get lost in Sydney, walk up to the top of the hill, and you’ll know instantly […]

Manhattan sunset, viewed from Brooklyn
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Great Views from Brooklyn

The view from the upper “viewing” levels of New York’s Grand Central Station is remarkable. The scale of the place is enormous. The marble floors and walls are almost overwhelming in their beauty. Below you, you look down to see thousands of people going about their daily commute. And then you look around you, and you see lots of people […]

View from the Empire State Building
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Empire State of Mind

“I was about to send out a search party…” I said to Michaela, remarking on the amount of time I had to wait for her at a restaurant/bar at Coney Island. As the day was warm, and there was a lengthy queue for tables, she suggested I went inside to grab a table while she waited for our orders. “The […]

NYC - flash cars and recycling
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New York State of Mind

“Oh My God, is that Salman Rushdie?”, I asked Michaela, pointing the older man taking a seat, as we waited only briefly in line for dinner at Balthazar’s Restaurant. As she looked over to confirm, I remembered that moment from “Bridget Jones Diary” where Bridget met Mr Rushdie at a book launch, and as she had no idea what to […]

Dancing at Harlem Week
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Harlem Shuffle

“Honey, you’ve come at just the right time…” we were told by an fantastic looking older woman. “This is Harlem Week” she said with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. Even though she no longer lives in Harlem, she came back especially for this, she told us. Though we had no idea it was on, it was a wonderful […]

World Trade Centre
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Saturday in New York

“Don’t worry. My camera is shockproof and waterproof to fifteen feet”, I told Michaela. And with that, I made my way into the middle of those fountains where the water pops up seemingly randomly. I don’t know if it’s been generally a warm summer for the Northern Hemisphere, or if it’s just the places I’ve chosen for my holiday this […]

#bucketlist Visit New York and see Big Bird in Central Park. Done!
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Always Running

You know how it is when you wake suddenly in a darkened, unfamiliar room? For about ten or fifteen seconds you have absolutely no idea where you are. “Am I in Rome? Am I in Stockholm? Where am I?”, I thought to myself. And so I stood up and looked out the window, and then it was clear. I was […]

Places to eat and drink In Brooklyn
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We’re In New York

“You need to go around the corner and take the lift. But they might not let you in, because it turns into a club at midnight. So if you can’t get in there, you can always go to the beer garden down below. Or you could try Heifers and Hogs. People used to go there, but they don’t anymore so […]

Vaxholm, Stockholm
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Leaving Stockholm

“Did I just hear you make another little sigh…? Sandra asked. With only a few hours left in Stockholm before heading to New York, I’d apparently developed a bit of a “sigh” whenever I saw something really wonderful. I wasn’t consciously doing it, though clearly the thought of leaving Stockholm was weighing on my mind. I really love it here, […]

Stockholm, as viewed from the rooftop tour,
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Experience More

When my old school-friend Anthony told me late last year he was planning to visit Stockholm, and was looking for a few “travel tips”, my first question to him was “when are you going to be there?”. Because there is so much climate variation between the summer and winter months, there are some things you can and cannot do, according […]

Early Morning Venice
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Venezia Day Two

When the alarm went off at 5.30am, I thought myself “Why am I doing this? Why am I getting up so early on a Saturday morning when I could just stay in bed?” The answer is simple: I wanted to experience the sunrise, and to see Venice before the tourist crowds woke up. I hesitated briefly, and then reminded myself […]

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Bongiorno Venezia

The book and movie “Death in Venice” came into my mind today as I thought I might actually die here. Less dramatically, there was a moment today when I thought I would at least spend the rest of my life surrounded by tourists, unable to escape. Smelly, dirty tourists, most of whom smoked. (Italy doesn’t seem to have received the […]

Real Rome Tours - The Colosseum
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Rome In A Day by Real Rome Tours

“You have to remember that for many many years, The Colosseum was like a very big quarry for Rome”, our guide, Alessio told us today on the “Rome In A Day Tour” run by “Real Rome Tours“. “When it was fully functional as an arena, the walls were painted, and there was rock, and bronze and marble everywhere. So that […]

Colloseum at Sunset
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Bongiorno Roma

“It’s normally 22, but I’ll give it to you for 18”, the guy selling the “I Love Rome” bag told me. He didn’t need to convince me. I really wanted it as a “safe” over the shoulder bag to carry my camera and phone, and I already thought that was a pretty good price anyway. And, after only a few […]

Monday night at Victoria's in Stockholm
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The Last Few Days

“So how have you spent the last few days”, I asked the mother of a family from Houston I met on the food tour the other day. I randomly ran into them on the Djurgården ferry. “We’ve been on a tour of the Old Town, we got some segways, we’ve been on The Archipelago and we’ve done some shopping” she […]


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