Stix in Surry Hills

Ice Cream

Sydney loves a trend. For the last couple of years, trends have included: queues for bread, beards and small bars. The latest is ice cream/gelato. Yes it’s true, people are lining up for ice cream. I think it all started with Messina in Darlinghurst. There’s also an ice cream shop in Surry Hills where people regularly queue. The queues haven’t extended to the new shop, Stix, further along Crown Street yet. It’s gelato on a stick! I thought I’d share what they’re offering. It’s always nice to be ahead of the trend :)

Roni Horn - Nine Liquid Incidents

MCA – Sydney Biennale

I spent the day hanging out with my friend Sue. After a bit of a sleep in, and then some breakfast, we headed off for a day of galleries, food, and generally hanging out.

We started off with the current exhibition at White Rabbit which I’d previously attended and which I knew Sue would enjoy. And she did. In some ways, it was a primer for our forthcoming trip together to China. A cup of tea and a scone rounded off the morning.

From there we wandered to Daiso, the $2.80 shop in Central Park. Lots of people I work with have raved about the store which Sue concluded, “sells things you never knew you wanted”.

And from there it was an hour or two having a look at the Sydney Biennale works currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary. They were definitely not as exciting or as interesting as the works at Cockatoo Island, but there were still some things to enjoy. These were my favourite works.

James Angus

James Angus

David Claerbout - The Quiet Shore 2011

David Claerbout – The Quiet Shore 2011

Roni Horn - Nine Liquid Incidents

Roni Horn – Nine Liquid Incidents