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Chinese Bible

Chinese Bible by Yang Zhichao

I think pretty much everyone in the room laughed in recognition, as Gene Sherman told the story about the promise she and her husband had made to each other. As she noted they had been married forty-seven years, and were a family that “kept promises”, she went on to say they had agreed and promised to stop purchasing art. As […]

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Sydney and Central Australia

Lizzie Ellis, Still #3, Tjawina Porter at Kuruyurltu, still image from film 'Kuruyurltu', shot by Matthew Woodham. Copyright Tjarlirli Art 2014

There are two really wonderful exhibitions currently on display: one featuring art from Central Australia, the other focussing on homelessness in Sydney. Although I quite enjoyed the one about homelessness, it was new art exhibition which really excited me most. I’d love to share some images here, but no photography was allowed, and so I’ve shared only the image that […]

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Surry Hills Eating

Pork'd on Crown Street, Surry Hills

Having enjoyed a really yummy meal at PorteƱo a few months ago, I’ve attempted to go back twice since. With a friend who I thought would really enjoy it, we headed down to line up a few weeks ago, only to discover it was closed due to a fire. Noticing the other day it had re-opened I suggested to a […]

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Country Music

In the last couple of months I’ve begun to reacquaint myself with my love of country music. It’s taken me back to the days of regular visits to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which are now more than a decade ago, as my radio career has taken me in a different, more city-based direction. Despite my inner-city reputation, I actually know a fair bit about country music, and I have lots of great “special experts” to draw upon to supplement the areas in which my knowledge is a little short. Having grown up in Lismore, I grew up with a lot of country music. Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynnn and the like were the soundtrack to my youth. And then having lived in a number of other country towns, I learned a lot more. I visited the Tamworth Country Musical Festival several times, as well as other festivals like Barmera and Gympie, and there was was even one year where I was a judge for Tamworth. For me, country music, the authentic stuff (I was never into anything cheesy) has been a strong part of “who I am”. But having worked in “capital city radio” over the last decade, my attention has been drawn away from country music until recently when my attention has been brought back on a few levels. And so I’ve been listening to a lot of country music over the last few weeks, and revisiting […]

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Catch Up

The last few weeks have been “crazy busy” which is why I haven’t posted here much lately. However, it’s Thursday night, I’m sitting at home with a glass or two of wine, listening to the radio, and I’m determined to achieve some catch-up posts. When I say “crazy busy”, it’s mostly been work-related. There’s been a bit of socialising, but mostly it’s been work. You know that axiom that “if you want something done you give it to a busy person”? Well, I tend to be that person in my area. And I’m also the kind of person who instinctively says “yes” and then realises they have probably said yes to too much. Last year, I flat out refused to do a project because I knew I had already taken on too much. I should have said no to a couple of things I’m currently doing a few months ago, but I didn’t realise they would all come to fruition at the same time. Ah well. In the midst of all this, I actually ended up on the radio on Monday, as Richard Glover who presents Drive on 702 ABC Sydney lost his voice while on air. With about ten minutes notice I was in the presenter’s chair, and having to cram pretty quickly on the day’s news. The truth be told, I wasn’t entirely across the news of the day, as I’ve been working on these projects and, for […]

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Peeing In Public


You don’t often get breaking news on this blog. But as I made my way to Taylor Square tonight I noticed something which I don’t think has been reported on the mainstream media. I noticed the sign at Taylor Square was now reporting the fine for peeing in public was $500. Months ago I noticed it was $200, so you […]

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Night Out in Sydney

Panang Duck Curry at Longrain in Sydney

It’s always a challenge finding terrific places to eat/drink for visitors to Sydney. You can rely on your local favourites (of course), but then you realise they lack a bit of the “wow” factor. There again, you can fall back on Sydney cliches with harbour views. When Robert and Sandra told me they would be in Sydney (visiting from Stockholm), […]

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