Christmas lights on the dance-floor at Palms.

Christmas Drinks

Funky plastic booths at South Sydney Rugby League Club
Funky plastic booths at South Sydney Rugby League Club

You know how they say “Oxford Street is dead”, these days? Well last night it certainly wasn’t with quite a few of the clubs heavily packed.

I wouldn’t normally go out on a Saturday night, but we had a visitor from Melbourne who was keen to see a little of what Sydney had to offer in the way of gay venues. In what turned out to be a mini “pub crawl” we visited three venues, and walked past two others, all of which were very, very full.

Ten years ago this would have been a regular thing for me. But at this stage in my life, I’d much prefer to spend my Saturday night at home, cooking, watching a bit of television or reading.

“It’s the same on Friday nights”, I told my friends I’d caught up with for Christmas Drinks. We’re all in the age range of 45-55, and all pretty much agreed that by the time Friday night comes around, we’re all pretty much too tired to consider anything else. Or maybe that’s just a justification for the complete lack of interest in spending Friday night in a loud, noisy environment with a bunch of strangers?

So for us, “Christmas Drinks” this year involved booking a small room at Souths Rugby League Club. A few of us were already members, and a few more of us became members because of the attractiveness of the membership package. In short, for $20 you get five years club membership which includes the benefits of cheaper drinks. The $20 you pay instantly goes onto a plastic card which you can then redeem for drinks. So effectively, membership is free.

Christmas lights on the dance-floor at Palms.
Christmas lights on the dance-floor at Palms.

They’ve also done a terrific job improving the decor of the venue over the last few years, with retro-style fittings, large screens which were ideal for cricket-watching, and those small booths. On top of that, the staff were all very kind and friendly. A shame there weren’t more customers, as the venue and the staff made it a really terrific place to catch up with some long-term friends for Christmas Drinks.

A few of us went on for dinner at Sydney’s legendary Lebanese restaurant, Abdul’s.

And then, of course, we had a few drinks on Oxford Street. The night ended at the fantastic dance venue, Palms, where they have absolutely “no shame” about the music played. Unlike a lot of bars on Oxford Street where the music is too cool for school, Palms will play virtually anything that’s been a hit in the last forty years, and thus, the dance floor is always full. They also had Christmas decorations around the DJ-Box and a very cool Christmassy lighting effect on the dance floor.

A good day and night was had.

One thought on “Christmas Drinks

  1. I was at Palms a few weeks ago and they played five Kylie songs in a row! Yes please!

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