Empty Vessell at The Giant Dwarf

“In the last twelve months two of the institutions I’ve given so much of my life and passion to have disappointed me deeply”, was the most memorable line from Kristina Keneally last night. The former NSW Premier was one of three guests for the “live chat show”, “The Empty Vessell” put by on by The […]

Surry Hills Video Shop

I knew it was only a matter of time before the video shop in Surry Hills closed down. I didn’t know it was coming, though, until I took a walk down the street this morning. I think it’s amazing they’ve lasted this long. On a personal level, I haven’t been to my local video shop […]


Having enjoyed a really fantastic meal the other week, I suggested a friend and I should catch up there for dinner. But when I tried to book last week for this Friday night, the only time available was 10.00pm. Seriously. Being a little too late, decided to turn up at 6.00pm and see if we […]

Haloumi at Nomad

A week or so ago, I asked a friend for advice about where I should take Robert and Sandra for dinner. Sandra and Robert are visiting from Sweden at the moment, and so I wanted to show them somewhere a little funky, a little groovy, but with excellent food and wine, as that’s something they […]

Crown Street, Surry Hills
Blue Wok Tofu
Pizza from Mad Pizza
As the trading hours part of the Coles website is down, due to excess demand, here's what's happening in Surry Hills.

As the trading hours part of the Coles website is down, due to excess demand, here’s what’s happening in Surry Hills. Shame about the spelling…

Hipster Bikes on Crown Street, Surry Hills
Dancing at The Columbian

When you mention the words “Dancing” and “Columbian Hotel” in the same sentence, you don’t immediately think of ballroom dancing. But that’s exactly what my friend and I saw when we had a late afternoon drink at The Columnbian. Downstairs we were chatting with a transexual women about her life. Upstairs, they were doing a […]

Crown Street, Surry Hills
Surry Hills Bank
New Glasses?

You know how when you walk into a shop, the person behind the counter will almost certainly smile or wave hello? That wasn’t the case when I walked into a “fashionable” optometrist in Sydney tonight. The guy behind the counter looked over at me, and then looked away, as if I wasn’t worth his time […]

One Opens, One Closes

Back in June, I wrote a blog post about the opening of the new discount chemist in Surry Hills. As I noted at the time, it’s not as if we’re short of chemist shops in my neighbourhood. Within two or three minutes walk from my home, we already have three. Perhaps prophetically, I commented at […]