For a few years I’ve toyed with the idea of living in Sweden for a year or two. However, there are a few reasons which have stopped me. Money is, of course, an issue. The fact that I’m 48 years old is also an issue. But there’s also been a fear it could all turn […]

Grace Jones

I first heard/saw the song “Walking In The Rain” when the video clip of Grace Jones performing the song was first played on Countdown. I was about seventeen years old at the time and was completely blown away by the clip. In particular, the strong androgynous imagery of Grace Jones echoed by the song line […]


Having enjoyed a really fantastic meal the other week, I suggested a friend and I should catch up there for dinner. But when I tried to book last week for this Friday night, the only time available was 10.00pm. Seriously. Being a little too late, decided to turn up at 6.00pm and see if we […]

Hipster Heaven - Old Technology

My draw dropped (literally) when I saw these shelves of goods for sale at a convenience store on Sydney’s George Street tonight. Video tapes, fax rolls, cassette tapes and unfortunately I took the photograph so quickly, I missed including the 5.25″ floppy discs on the shelf above. There are even some items on the shelf […]

Sydney Biennale

“You don’t look like a Catherine”, the woman on security said to me as I showed her my entry ticket. Kate and I had organised tickets, and were really looking forward to the opening night party at the Australian Technology Park of the Sydney Biennale. Despite these plans, Kate had admitted herself earlier in the […]


“We have cronuts”, the guys at my local coffee shop excitedly told me this morning. Of course I had to try one of them. Twelve hours later, it was still a mistake. What is a cronut? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cronut Cronut is the brand name of a croissant-doughnut pastry sold by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, […]

Extreme Gelato in Sydney

A friend and I tried out Sydney’s N2 Extreme Gelato tonight. They make the gelato “in house” and “on demand” using liquid nitrogen (it seems) for the freezing agent. My friend had the salted caramel; I had the passionfruit bellini. Fantastic flavours. Very strong. Great to watch them being hand-made.

Manly Storm

Spent a fabulous day at Manly, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Like everyone else, I pulled out my phone to take a photograph of the storm as it arrived.

safARI 2014 Launch

To be honest, we weren’t much impressed with the art works. But we did enjoy the social aspects of the launch last night of safARI. Lots of fun, great conversations in Chippendale laneways. Later, a terrific bite to eat at Emperor’s Garden in Chinatown.