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Cheesecake Innovation

Cheesecake with a Tim-Tam base

Earlier today my friend Sue faced the dilemma of guests coming for lunch (including myself, a connoisseur of cheesecakes): she had all the ingredients for a cheesecake EXCEPT the Arrowroot biscuits needed for the base. Her cheesecake innovation? Crushed up Tim-Tams… It works! Amongst my friends on various social media were some of these comments… oh – my – god´╗┐ […]

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Mr Wong

Mr Wong in Bridge Lane, Sydney

A couple of workmates and I did the “unthinkable” today: we went out for lunch. It’s not uncommon for us to work through lunch, grabbing some takeaway to consume while seated at our desks. But we overcame the “guilt” by associating the trip with a forthcoming work-related event. And our restaurant of choice was one of the hottest places in […]

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Cat Food

Cat Food

There’s a cat in my apartment block who I feed from time to time. Mostly, it’s because the owner of the cat (who lives on the third floor, and I live on the first) travels a fair bit with her work. I’ve spoken about Spidercat aka Biscuit previously, having remarked in some ways, he’s a bit of a pet for […]

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NSW Votes in Newtown err.. Surry Hills

Voting at Bourke Street Primary School

“Normally it’s the queue at Bourke Street Bakery that’s this long” joked one of the people handing out how to vote cards at Bourke Street Primary School this morning. I decided to vote early this morning, thinking the earlier I got in, the more chance I’d have of avoiding a lengthy queue, since Surry Hills isn’t (to my eyes) a […]

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Sunday Night at Stonewall


When I was in Brisbane the other week I walked past “The Alliance Hotel” on Boundary Street. As I peered through window, I noted it seems like a very modern “boutique” hotel these days. However, I remember it back in the 80s when it was a fairly down-market gay bar. “Down-market” is probably the wrong phrase to use, as it’s […]

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Brisbane History with Beers

Enjoying a Wolf Scratch Pale Ale, a American Pale Ale beer, by Croft Brewing Company, a brewery in Brisbane, at John Mills Himself.

Even though I lived here for four years, and even though I have a family connection with Brisbane that goes back to the 1960s, the truth be told: I really don’t know that much about the history of Brisbane, and am even a little vague on contemporary Brisbane. Since I left Brisbane at the beginning of 1988 (27 years years […]

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Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry at Sydney Opera House

“For her first time in Australia, it would have been good to have some more of her older songs”, my friend said, as we made our way out of the Sydney Opera House tonight. I agree with that assessment. As much as I really do like her new material, it was classics like “Buffalo Stance” and (my personal favourite) “Manchild” […]

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