Dawn O'Donnell - still taken from movie trailer

Years ago I remember watching a really fantastic documentary about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras called, Feed Them to the Cannibals. As I recall, the title was a reference to the words of an Australian government official, who was asked what he thought should be done with those engaging in homosexual behaviour in […]

Anton Ewald

Ah yes, I remember it well. It was Stockholm Pride in 2011, and Graeme and I were there in the front row for the final ever performance by legendary Swedish pop group, Alcazar. There was a real sense of sadness in the crowd, as Alcazar had delivered so many wonderful pop music memories. The sadness […]

The Big Commute

In all my working life, I’ve never really been a commuter. I’ve always lived reasonably close to work. So close that I’ve usually been able to walk, ride, or take a short drive. I think the longest commute I’ve ever made may have been four or five kilometres, when I lived in Paringa (a small […]

It's not The Footy Show

“Oh my God, it’s The Footy Show”, I thought to myself as I watched the opening moments of the third heat of this year’s Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest. A big boofy bloke in a dress is always hilarious, isn’t it? Well, no actually. Even though the audience laughs, uncomfortably, […]

Jayanto Damanik - Conversations

The phone call from my friend Kate came at about 5.30 this afternoon. “What are you doing? Have you already left work?” By chance I HAD already left work, and was on my way home. It didn’t need much convincing, however, for me to backtrack and to head towards the new Central Park development for […]

Little Great Things, featuring Charlie and Felix Grönvall

There was a real sense of déjà vu in the second heat of this year’s Melodifestivalen, the contest which decides which act will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2005, in controversial circumstances, Sweden chose Martin Stenmarck with his song “Las Vegas” (which I liked a lot) over Nanne Grönvall with her song […]

Muriel's Wedding - Goodbye Porpoise Spit

A few friends have been noting of late it’s twenty years since the film, “Muriel’s Wedding” was released. I guess it was the article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day which prompted most of the nostalgia. For a lot of people, “Muriel’s Wedding” is a light-hearted comedy. For me, it’s actually a heart-felt […]

Melodifestivalen 2013 Hosts

For the last few days I’ve been struggling. I’ve been unable to decide if it was the songs or the hosts of this year’s first edition of Melodifestivalen which were the most underwhelming. That’s why it’s taken me a few days to compose a post, whereas I’m normally quite speedy to offer my opinions on […]

ABC Float in Sydney's Lunar New Year Parade

I’m still buzzing after involvement last night in the first-ever ABC float in Sydney’s Chinese / Lunar New Year Parade. My throat is still hoarse from shouting, my arm is still sore from waving, and my mouth is still sore from smiling so much :)

Canada Classified

As I’ve previously discussed on this blog, I have a semi-regular problem with people using my address to sign up for variety of fairly dodgy websites. Mostly of these sign-ups seem to be for older blokes in America who have bought a new car (and need insurance) or are for female-oriented adult sites, neither of […]

Crossing Boundaries – Chinese New Year Exhibition in Sydney

I had a fantastic time last night at the opening night of “Crossing Boundaries – Chinese New Year Exhibition in Sydney”, curated by my friend Kate. The exhibition runs at Sydney Town Hall from January 22 to Feburary 9. There’s some really terrific work in the exhibition, and here are some of my favourite photographs […]

The bike rack where Kate lives

I went shopping today for a new bike. It’s several years since I’ve owned a bike (never having replaced the one that was stolen about a decade ago). It is also about a decade since the last time I’ve ridden a bike. The last time, I know for a fact, was on Rottnest Island (near […]

Flash car on Oxford Street