Day in Melbourne

It was one of those days. My alarm went off at 4.00am, but I stayed in bed until 4.30am. Being so close to the airport, I figured I could stay in bed until the absolute last minute.

We left Sydney at 6.00am, got to Melbourne 7.35am. I slept most of the way. Caught the bus from the airport into the city. It was an intense day of meetings. I was back at the airport for a flight back to Sydney at 6.30pm, and was home by 8.00pm.

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Melbourne.

I couldn’t decide to take my “bomber jacket” or my “wool jacket”, but in the end chose both, and needed both.

Untold Stories

I went to the launch tonight of NAIDOC Week at the ABC.

As well as the fantastic pop up radio station (now in its fifth year), there was the launch of “Untold Stories“, a series which runs on radio and television, which profiles important Indigenous figures whose names might not be so well known.

Professor Mick Dodson did the launch, and spoke about why it’s important for these people’s stories to be recognised. He also noted, in the 100th anniversary of WW1, the large number of Indigenous Australians who fought for Australia. I recorded the speech and put in on Soundcloud. It’s worth a listen.