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Muriel's Wedding - Goodbye Porpoise Spit
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Muriel’s Wedding

A few friends have been noting of late it’s twenty years since the film, “Muriel’s Wedding” was released. I guess it was the article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day which prompted most of the nostalgia. For a lot of people, “Muriel’s Wedding” is a light-hearted comedy. For me, it’s actually a heart-felt comic-drama that has usually brought […]

International ABBA Fan Club Magazine
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ABBA Magazine

A few months ago I was asked to write a couple of articles for the magazine of the International ABBA Fan Club. A copy of the magazine arrived in the mail this week, and so I thought I’d share them here both for general interest, and as an online archive. ABBA DAY REPORT “If you’re in the ABBA Museum and […]

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Agnetha: Abba and After (BBC Special)

Often when you read articles about today’s female pop stars, they’ll say they spent their childhoods standing in front of a mirror (with a hairbrush as a microphone) singing along to songs by ABBA. In the latest “ABBA Special” (Agnetha: ABBA and After), Agnetha Fältskog summons up some similar imagery, describing how, as a young girl living in a small […]

Anni-Frid Lyngstad
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Early Frida

Winter has arrived exactly on time in Sydney, with cold, wet and rainy conditions for much of the day. Although things cleared up later in the day, I still spent much of the day inside watching television, listening to radio, listening to music, and watching internet stuff. With that background, here’s one of my all time favourite Youtube clips, featuring […]

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Agnetha Fältskog – A

Three songs have emerged as favourites for me, as I’ve listened “properly” to the new album by Agnetha Fältskog over the last couple of weeks. The first single, “When you really loved someone” is one of those great pop ballads about love gone wrong. The video tells the story of an older, wiser woman offering advice to a younger woman […]

Owe Sandström, costume designer, chatted with fans about his work with ABBA.
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ABBA Museum Opening

It’s late Monday night, my final night in Sweden (sadly), and I’ve just arrived home from the music, fireworks and celebrity-spotting of the official opening of the long-awaited ABBA Museum. The idea for a permanent ABBA Museum in Stockholm has been around since the end of 2006. The original idea was for the museum to inhabit the space now occupied […]

ABBA Museum
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Life Is Good As An ABBA Song

“I always smile when I hear an ABBA song played at a bar in Sweden. There’s absolutely no sense of hipster irony in playing ABBA in Sweden. Just pure affection…” I thought to myself. I was sitting at a bar in Gamla Stan and “One Of Us” came over the speakers. It was the third time I’d heard ABBA played […]

Dancing Queens
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International ABBA Day – The Main Day

“If you’re in the ABBA Museum and you’re standing near the Ring Ring exhibit, you should answer the phone, as it’s probably going to be Frida” we were told by Ingmarie Halling from the ABBA Museum, soon to open in Stockholm. “And if you see the piano suddenly playing, it’s gonna be Benny doing it remotely”, she added. The telephone […]

ABBA Quiz Winners
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International ABBA Day – The First Night

I’ll be the first to admit I can sometimes be a little bit socially awkward. In a group of four or five people I’m fine, but in a large room I am often the “wall flower” who finds it difficult to meet people and to make conversation. Thus, I’ve felt slightly apprehensive about my plans to attend the International ABBA […]

The hand-written note from a lovely woman at the train station.
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The Dutch Train System – Part Two

The only two words of the Dutch language I know are “alstublieft” and “bedankt” (please and thankyou). So the following translation of the accompanying hand-written note is only a guestimation on my part. The bearer of this note is obviously a complete idiot. In 2008 he came to the Netherlands and got completely lost on the train system then. Remember […]

Speaking out on SVT tonight - Agnetha Faltskog on her difficult times.
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Nyheter från Stockholm

“Speaking out on SVT tonight – Agnetha Fältskog on her difficult times” proclaimed the Aftonbladet news-stand headline all over Stockholm today. Thirty years after their break up, ABBA remains an important part of the national consciousness here, and an appearance on a national talk-show is enough to generate national news. And this is particularly so if you’re always described in […]

Katarinahissen view of Stockholm
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Stockholm Under Construction

I swear there must be a secret plan for Stockholm to put in bid to host the Olympic Games. That, or they’re expecting a Swedish economic crisis, so they’re doing as much now as they possibly can. How else could you explain the amount of building activity going on around Stockholm at the moment? From the Royal Palace to Sergel’s […]

Sparkles at Beijing Airport at 5.45am
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Have Arrived in Stockholm

Aside from a slight hiccough over the seats, the flight from Sydney to Stockholm via Beijing went off without a hitch. The hiccough with the seats had nothing to do with Air China. It involved a family of four who had booked separate seats (one set of two, and two individuals) for the flight from Beijing to Stockholm, but who […]

ABBAWORLD Waterloo Costumes
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Bang A Boomerang – ABBA Special

“Are you watching the ABBA special”, my friend Yvette texted me tonight. “Watching it? I’m in it, briefly”, I told her. There’s a scene very near the beginning where, if you squint, you’ll see me standing in a crowd at the opening of ABBAWORLD. I can’t remember if it’s the Sydney opening or the Melbourne opening, as the documentary tends […]

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Melodifestivalen 2013

I really, really love this photograph taken almost three years ago at a shopping centre in Stockholm with Swedish pop singer (and daughter in law of ABBA-Benny), Nanne Grönvall. In particular, I love the look on the face of the child behind us. I had been waiting in a queue with a friend who is a long-term fan of Nanne, and who had brought along quite a few things for her to sign. Quite a few, actually. And of course, I had come all the way from Australia so I was also very keen to have a brief moment and photograph with Nanne, for which she graciously obliged. As you’ll see from the face of the child behind us, she […]


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