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Andrew Olle Media Lecture: Me, Kate, Debra Oswald, Jeremy Millar
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Andrew Olle Media Lecture

“Because I haven’t lived in Sydney before, I didn’t quite understand some of the references”, my friend Sue told a couple sitting at our table at last night’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture. Last night’s lecture was given by Kate McClymont, the Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist who famously writes about crime and corruption in New South Wales. The woman in […]

Andrew Olle Media Lecture
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Andrew Olle Media Lecture

“Andrew was 47 when he died” noted Mark Colvin at this year’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture. At that point I turned to my friend Sue and whispered in her ear, “I turn 47 next Friday”. A bit like the moon landing, the death of John Lennon and Princess Diana, I remember vividly where I was when Andrew Olle died. I […]

Not a male stripper
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Male Stripper

“Oh my goodness”, I thought to myself. “I look like a male stripper…” I’d removed my shoes, my socks, my pants, my jacket and my shirt, but I was stuck on the bow-tie. Oh my goodness, who invented the bow-tie? I’d spent close to five minutes trying to get it right at the beginning of the night – and it’s […]

The speaker in full flight
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Big Night Out

A mate who was sitting one seat away from me – who spends his working life as a food critic – noted there was something special on the menu for me, The entree at this year’s “Andrew Olle Media Lecture” was gravad lax, a typically Swedish meal, though the descriptor in the menu had this particular version as “Norwegian style”. […]

Andrew Olle Media Lecture - Cassie, James, Cath, Wendy
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Andrew Olle Media Lecture

It was another of those regular “big nights” for me. The “Andrew Olle Media Lecture” is one of my favourite nights of the year, professionally-speaking. I get to dress up (in the same tux I’ve been wearing for several years), I get to do a bit of schmoozing, and I get to hear someone interesting talk about the state of […]

Photograph with Ray Martin.
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And Then There’s Ray…

It was the end of a memorable night at The Andrew Olle Media Lecture, the annual cross-media shindig in Sydney. The lecture was delivered by Ray Martin whose central thesis was that good commercial television journalism is often supported by passionate media individuals, the likes of Murdoch and Packer. When media companies are run by banks and other financial institutions […]

Bentley Bar
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Two Good Nights

It’s lunchtime Saturday and I’ve just finished listening back to last night’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture, which I really enjoyed. Last night’s lecture was given by News Limited CEO, John Hartigan, who carried on a theme earlier expressed by Lachlan Murdoch that good journalism and good business aren’t mutually exclusive. In expressing the view the digital age hadn’t “dumbed down” […]

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Ssssaturday Night

It’s Saturday night and I’m searching through the many channels that Foxtel provides. Survivor Guatemala, Jag, Midsomer Murders, Casualty, As It Happened. Yeh they’re all reasonable programs I guess, but not suited to my current mood I guess which I’m not sure how I’d best describe. It’s a warm night in Sydney, although not unbearably so and I’ve just woken up from a lengthy nap. I had an afternoon nap in an effort to catch up from last night’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture which was enormously good fun and which you can download an mp3. It was the largest turnout we’d ever had and it was great to see a number of people I haven’t seen for quite some time […]

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Andrew Olle Dinner

It’s Saturday night and I’m at work, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to update my website. Today has been a “blah” day… feeling a little hung-over… after attending last night’s “Andrew Olle Dinner”. As the guest speaker was Lachlan Murdoch, there was a large crowd of people in attendance, and Damien and I were lucky enough to be sitting with people we actually know and like. Lachlan is a little taller than I had imagined and just as good looking as his photographs suggest. I joked that he looked young enough to be an “Andrew Olle Scholarship Winner”. But of course, none of us were there for that, we were there to listen to his words of wisdom. […]


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