Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker publicity shot

As soon as I saw it advertised, I booked tickets straight away. It was an evening at one of my favourite cabaret bars in Sydney – Bar Me – featuring one of my favourite cabaret singers – Tim Draxl – doing the works of one of my favourite jazz musicians – Chet Baker – so […]

Looks like the work of Luke Temby on the walls of Surry Hills

As Kate and I walked around the streets of Chippendale, we noticed posters featuring artwork by Luke Temby. I noticed another one tonight as I came home from dinner at Emad’s on Cleveland Street. The art group I belong to has bought a couple of works by Temby, and he has created this crazy kind […]

Grant and Tim

About half way through tonight’s show by Tim Draxl at The Civic I found my mind wandering. “What’s he going to do next?”, I thought to myself, adding “He’s done music, cabaret, films. Where’s his headspace at?”. Minutes later he articulated my very thoughts. “A lot of people have wondered what am I going to […]

“Have you seen Merri-May perform before?”, I was asked by the woman sitting near me at tonight’s show. “Yes”, I told her… “Many times. I think I could be a groupie”. I have only a fairly vague memory of the first time I met Merri-May Gill, though I suspect it’s probably about 10 years ago. […]

“Thanks for coming out tonight when you could have gone to the Bledisloe Cup” Tim Draxl declared at the opening of his show tonight, adding, “I don’t even know what the Bledisloe Cup is”. There was only one bloke in the room who looked remotely interested in the rugby, and he was there with his […]

Bob Downe and friend at The Supper Club on Oxford Street, Sydney

I’ve just arrived home from a terrific night out with my friend Colin. The night started off at the Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery in Paddington where there’s a new exhibition by Callum Morton. The art collectors group of which I’m a member has a piece by him, and so I was keen to see what […]

Every time I go to the Opera House I take a photograph of either the Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Deep down, I know it’s provincial and parochial to photograph some so-called “world icons”, somehow holding on to a notion that Sydney is a “global city” whereas the other state capitals are “colonial […]

I had a look through the Mardi Gras website tonight, in an effort to find which events I would like to attend over the next month or so. I’m no longer into the party scene, but I am interested in some of the community events. Here’s what I’ve found I would like to attend. Saturday […]

For the first time in a few years, I had an Ogalo burger for dinner tonight. I had actually forgotten how incredibly tasty they are, even if they are DRENCHED in fat. I’d just been to see a cabaret show in Kings Cross – no, not that type of cabaret – and so I was […]

I was really looking forward to seeing Robert Bertram play last night at “Bar Me”, that wonderfully unique cabaret venue in the basement of a Kings Cross restaurant. Previously known as the El Rocco Club, I’ve been told the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior have done late-night shows there in the days […]

I realised last night what an anti-social creature I’ve become. To avoid conversation and contact with other human beings while on the bus to Circular Quay, I actually put my headphones on without the sound playing. It was actually quite good, as the headphones both blocked out the sound, and gave me the ability to […]

I went to see singer, actress and dancer, Chloe Dallimore do her first “cabaret” show last night at Sydney’s Statement Bar, and I guess, in all honesty, I was a little disappointed. She’s has a beautiful voice, she can dance, and she’s gorgeously leggy in that Rhonda Burchmore kind of way, but there was a […]

In the last two days I’ve been to see two cabaret shows in which the focus has been on new arrangements of older pop and folk songs. The one I went to see tonight, “Lemon Tart” was really sensational, while the other, “Bravo” was okay. Bravo is Australia’s answer to “Il Divo”, the “pop-era” group […]

I’ve seen Eddie Perfect perform a couple times before, including once before in his show with Max Gillies, called The Big Con. I’d also seen Eddie in Hayden Tee’s late night cabaret at the Stable Theatre. While he was good then, and better with Max Gillies, he was really tremendous in his show, “Drink Pepsi, […]

This was the first time I’ve ever seen David Campbell perform in cabaret before. The only other time I’ve seen him live was in the musical, “Only Heaven Knows” about 10 or so years ago at the Sydney Opera House. And so I was both excited and curious about going to the show at what […]