News Values

Darwin Harbour Cruise

Although the big news of the day was the Victorian election, the headline which caught my attention today was the banner headline of the “NT News”: “Woman falls out of paddy wagon”. Isn’t it a story you just WANT to read. Don’t you just know it’s going to be a great yarn? Or could it be quite lame? I don’t know because I never got around to reading today’s “NT News”. Not even as I enjoyed a late breakfast in Darwin ahead of my flight back to Sydney. The only […]

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Cruising in Darwin


I was seated on the top deck of the boat on the “sunset cruise” on Darwin Harbour when the woman next to me asked me where I was from. I told her my story and then asked her about her story. I found out she’d been living in Darwin for a couple of months visiting her “adopted” son, as she described him, who was now living up here. Not an actual son, not an adopted son in the traditional sense of the word, but a young man who’d been part […]

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Another Sunset

Darwin Sunset

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s another bloody photograph of a sunset. First it was Cairns and now it’s Darwin. There’s got to be more to Darwin, surely?”, I hear you saying. Of course there is, but this trip is a work-trip and most of my time is being spent in work-related activities. Tonight I went out for dinner with a bloke from work and we spent almost all of our time chatting about radio, with occasional journeys into food and wine. We had dinner at a reasonably newish […]

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Hello from Darwin

Lots of room on the Cairns to Darwin flight

“Is it hot enough for you?”, my niece asked me as we embraced on my arrival at her place in Darwin tonight. “Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as I expected”, I told her. I’ve been to Darwin twice before: in 1998, Damien and I came for a week-long holiday, and then in 2002, I worked here for a while. On both occasions, it was during the dry season (though when I arrived in 2002, I experienced the “build down” from wet to dry, characterised by hot, humid conditions with little […]

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Hello from Cairns

Cairns Esplanade

This is a somewhat unexpected post from Cairns Airport. Although it would have been great to have a direct flight from Sydney to Darwin, economics, timezones, and schedules have necessitated a four-hour stop-over in Cairns. With that in mind, I organised to catch up with one of my colleagues I’ve spoken to on the phone on several occasions, but have never actually met. I also did some online research with a late afternoon swim in mind to break up the trip. Although I’d found the Cairns Tobruk Pool via the […]

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Lazy Saturday

Pizza for dinner

“Do I put some underwear on under my trackpants?” I wondered to myself as I left the house tonight to pick up a pizza. That one thought gives you an insight into my Saturday, doesn’t it? As I was talking on the phone tonight to a family member – who lives in Darwin – I told her that despite my recent holiday, I could still do with another break. I’m a bit exhausted today. Reasonably active holiday. New job. Late night last night. Busy times etc. It’s been a day […]

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Balibo Movie


I went to a sneak preview today of the new movie, Balibo. Although much of the film’s narrative focuses on the death of five Australian journalists at Balibo, I thought the film balanced this narrative well with the broader story of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975. In this film, Anthony La Paglia plays Roger East, the Australian journalist who was approached by Jose Ramos Horta to tell the story of what was happening in East Timor to the world stage, and to run the country’s media organisation. […]

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