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I believe in Christ and I go to the Catholic Church, though I’m not a great fan of many aspects of the Catholic Church. I don’t bang on about it, but it’s an important part of my life.

Untitled (Bust)  by Tim Silver
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Blake Prize and Sydney Life

I spent the day visiting two of my favourite annual art exhibitions in Sydney “Sydney Life” and “The Blake Prize“. “Sydney Life” is a photographic competition and exhibition held each year in Hyde Park. “The Blake Prize” is a spiritual/religious themed art competition and exhibition held each year at the National Art School. They’re exhibitions I enjoy because they both […]

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St Patrick’s Day

Let me first of all wish my sister, Pat, a very happy birthday. Although she wasn’t born and christened “Pat” that’s what we’ve always called her. In fact, we call her “Patsy” a lot of the time and “Pat” on other occasions. The only time anyone ever uses her real name is on an official letter of some type. And […]

Duncan Young, Pamela Jikiemi and Robert Alexander
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Talkin’ about God

Colin, Peter and I crossed the bridge tonight to see “The God Committee” at The Ensemble which was a really enjoyable, interesting play. The setting for the play is a hospital meeting room in an American city somewhere, where a committee must make decisions about candidates for transplant surgery. They have a set of “independant criteria” such as the candidates […]

Lieber Gott
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Lieber Gott

With all this Copenhagen stuff going on, I thought this was an interesting contribution to the discussion. It’s a song by Frida from ABBA (of course) which is a “prayer” about peace, the environment and everything. Here’s the translation that’s on Youtube. Shout out to Matt for the music :) English Translation (courtesy of Matt): “Dear God” Tell me, dear […]

Blake Prize 2009
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Holy Pictures

As a child our house was full of “holy pictures” (as my mum called them). In fact, aside from my sister’s wedding photographs, and my ABBA posters, the only pieces of art that adorned our walls were pieces of Catholic iconography. “The Crucifixion”, “The Last Supper”, “Mary’s Assumption into Heaven”: that kind of thing. While some Christians really freak out […]

I was given it at work yesterday and, having gone to work without a tie yesterday, I immediately put it on. That is quite a nice tie, a colleague said, though she recoiled in horror when I told her what it was.
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As I walked through the streets of Glebe last night I wondered how many people would recognise my tie. Was I from the CIA or the FBI or was I a member of another unknown unit in Sydney for just a couple of weeks. As I sat down in a small cocktail bar on Glebe Point Road and drank a […]

Poet's Rest
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Saint Patrick

Here it is, St Patrick’s Day 2007, and my thoughts have gone back to my visit to Slane, County Meath in Ireland in 1999. The reason is simple: it’s believed that it was at Slane that St Patrick had a “spiritual standoff” in support of his plan to convert Ireland to Christianity. St Patrick is also said to have built […]

Strawberry Hills Santa
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Christmas & Multiculturalism

I really love the Strawberry Hills Santa. That’s my name for the blow-up item currently atop the Strawberry Hills Hotel. And what I like most about it is the way it makes the blow-up Santa currently outside the “cheapie shop” near Taylor Square look positively traditionally festive. It’s like a giant snow-dome meets a giant beach ball. I snapped this […]

Blake Prize
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Blake Prize

I’ve just been to see The Blake Prize for Religious Art at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, and really enjoyed viewing many of the works on display. A highlight of the exhibition, as soon as you enter the door, is “We All See The Same Blue Sky” by Jeffrey Robert Wood. The sculpture/installation features a life-sized family of four […]

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Surry Hillsong

I thought Surry Hills was homo heaven with its large gay population, significant drug taking population, multicultural elements and significant homelessness problem. Even though Hillsong has a branch just around the corner in Redfern (or is it Waterloo?) near the Danks Street Galleries, I didn’t suspect for a moment there would be Hillsong types in my apartment block, but apparently there are. I found a ticket in the stairwell of my apartment on the way home tonight and was shocked. Was it the people in #27? Maybe they live in #4? Who could it be? I must confess I went to a Joyce Meyer convention a couple of years ago at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Being a bit of a […]

Muslim, Christian, Jew at Pitt Street Uniting Church
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A Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew walk into a church

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just returned from a reasonably interesting evening at the Pitt Street Uniting Church. I saw the sign a couple of weeks ago advertising an evening featuring a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew, talking about issues of diversity and belief and quickly jotted it in my diary as an interesting Sunday night excursion. I’ve never […]


Sins of Scripture

Although I’d heard about John Shelby Spong as being a fairly liberal Christian, I wasn’t really aware of the detail of his theology until I read this book on a flight between Sydney and Adelaide. Yes, while the rest of the plane was reading the Da Vinci Code, I was reading another book which seeks to provide an alternative reading of the Christian story… although, of courser, a lot of Christians would argue both are works of fiction. The essential argument of the book is that throughout history various bible texts have been used selectively to condemn homosexuality, keep women “in their place”, deliver war and encourage environmental unsustainability, amongst many other things. But isn’t the bible the word of […]

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I’m A Quaker

And not just because I liked “rolled oats”. According to a survey I did on, I’m either an Orthodox Quaker, a Liberal Quaker or a Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestant. After some consideration, I think I’m a Liberal Quaker. What does this mean? Belief in Deity: Diverse beliefs, from belief in a personal God as an incorporeal spirit to […]


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