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Although I live many hundreds of kilometres away from my family I think about them all the time. In the back of my mind, always, is the idea of leaving Sydney and going home.

Family Wedding - I look bored, even then :)
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Family Scans

After the glorious weather of the last few days, it’s turned colder and we’re getting some rain here on the North Coast. For my family, it’s welcome relief, as they’ve been complaining about the high humidity, the thunder and lighting, but no actual rain to offset the pain. Also as a positive, it’s meant we’ve spent most of the afternoon […]

Born and Bred in South Lismore
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Same, Same but Different

“OMG, it’s Kerry”, I shouted out inside my heard. Instantly, I realised I shouldn’t be surprised since I knew Kerry was a regular at the Lismore Farmer’s Markets. I’ve known Kerry’s partner, Paul for almost forty years (since the start of high school), and Kerry for about a decade. Or is it longer? Because I’ve lived away for so long, […]

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Ordinarily, I’m not one for sharing current family photographs (though of course, I have a strong history of sharing through my genealogy pages). But I received this photograph recently via text message of my niece and couldn’t resist. It’s such a lovely photograph.

Mum's Birthday 1984
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Mum’s Birthday

As it’s my birthday, I went searching through my photographic archives for images from birthdays past. Oddly enough, I don’t have a lot of suitable photographs of my celebrating, but I did find one from a birthday I remember vividly. It’s me and my mum celebrating her birthday in Feburary 1984, just nine months before her death. Her birthday was […]

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Now Hear This

I didn’t expect to, but ended up telling a story at the “Now Hear This” story-telling night in Sydney tonight. I told the story of my great-great grandmother who had a relationship with her first cousin (no, I don’t have two heads). After the birth of their fourth child together, he married someone else and had four more children. My […]

Willow and James
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Home for Christmas

Back in May, when I received a MMS of the newest member of our family Willow, I wasn’t sure if Willow was a boy or a girl. Yeah, I know there’s the character of Willow on “Buffy”, but it seemed to me Willow could be a suitable name for either a boy or girl, and my niece is anything but […]

Fireworks at Darling Harbour
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The Big Visit

The view of Sydney Tower (I still call it “Centrepoint”) from the twenty-sixth floor of The Hilton is pretty bloody good. It’s a fact I discovered on Friday when my relatives, Michelle and Shane booked in for a weekend in Sydney. Michelle and Shane have been to Sydney a few times. In fact, they were last here a few months […]

Nickson Street, Surry Hills
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Sunday Sunday

What is it about rain and the Queen’s Birthday Holiday? Although I can’t be sure, since I haven’t checked the records, it feels like it rains every year on this holiday in Sydney. In some ways, that’s okay, since rainy day holidays can be just as much fun as the summer ones. Life indoors, cooking, socialising and so on, can […]

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Family History

I was looking tonight at a photograph of me and my dad. By the look of things I’m less than twelve months old, so it was probably taken sometimes towards the end of 1966. Dad’s wearing a cardigan, so it was probably the winter of that year. As I looked at the photograph, I suddenly realised how close I am now to being the age my dad was in the photograph. He was born in September 1917, so he would have been about forty-nine years old at the time. I still have a couple of years before I catch up with him, but it was still interesting to look closely at the photograph and think about stuff. He still had […]

Sitting on the back verandah, watching the lightning.
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Home for Easter

If it wasn’t for Blues-Fest (held at nearby Byron Bay), the local paper, “The Northern Star” would have been a fairly thin volume today. Aside from the “social page snap” of Kings Cross nightclub owner, John Ibrahim, there wasn’t much to be found in today’s paper. Normally, when I come home, I can always find an hour or two’s entertainment […]

Unmarked grave for Joan Kathleen O'Brien, East Lismore Cemetery
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More History

I went in search today of details about the still-born child my mum and dad had back in 1953. As with many things in my family, it wasn’t something that was talked about. Indeed, when I mentioned it to one of my older sisters, and showed her the record from the online historical indexes of the NSW Registry of Births, […]

Dad with a Visitor in the backyard, probably about 1980
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Scanning The Past

Although I was a reasonably fat as a baby and I’m reasonably fat right now, there was a time from about 1980 to 1990 when I was actually quite thin. In fact, you might say I was waif-like in this particular photograph taken in about 1982. Any wonder my mum kept trying to feed me :) I discovered this photograph […]

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Are You On Skype?

I was both excited and surprised when my sister asked me tonight if I was on Skype? We were chatting about life in general, what she’s been up to, what I’ve been up to, her plans for retirement, and my plans to visit China. It was a lovely conversation. And then all of a sudden she asked me if I […]

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Dreaming About My Dad

You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of a bad dream? Well, this morning I woke up in the middle of a good dream. It would have been nice to go back to sleep and continue the dream, though of course that wasn’t possible. It was a dream about my dad. I was 16 (twenty-eight yeas ago) when he died from an awful condition called Multiple Myeloma (a plasma cell cancer). With the passing of time, sometimes it’s hard to remember some things about both mum and dad. And yet this morning’s dream was incredibly vivid. Oddly enough, it had a Swedish connection. Yes, really. In the dream my dad and I were travelling in a car […]

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Monday Monday

It’s amazing the number of people who come in to my office and comment on my new cyclamen. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? A couple of friends gave it to me a few weeks ago when Gloria died. At the time, many of the buds had not opened. Since then, with steady watering and just about the right amount of filtered […]


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