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Lismore's Big Log
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Lismore’s Big Log

One of my earliest childhood memories is of the arrival and placement near the Lismore City Hall of “The Big Log”. As far as pretty much everyone in Lismore knew, it was red cedar, and it was a wonderful memorial of the “The Big Scrub”. The timber industry was an important industry on the North Coast for many years, resulting […]

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James Patrick Terence O’Brien

At this stage, I don’t know for sure if I’m related to James Patrick Terence O’Brien of Lismore, NSW but his story fascinates me, nonetheless. It’s a story I discovered quite accidentally, searching for family history connections using the Trove newspaper database. The many newspaper reports clearly indicate James had a really, really serious long-term problem with alcohol, which resulted in many convictions over many years. Although my interest started with his convictions in Lismore, the evidence suggests he may have also spent some time in Brisbane around the mid 1920s. I think it’s worth noting the Queensland newspaper records have him listed as “Patrick James Terence O’Brien” instead of “James Patrick Terence O’Brien”. Although it’s quite possible these were […]

Nimbin Rocks
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Boxing Day at Nimbin

“It’s a lot more hippie than I remember”, my friend Sue said as we made our way along the main street of Nimbin. “There’s a lot less drugs on offer”, I thought to myself. Sue had actually grown up in Nimbin to a family who had lived there for a couple of generations, whereas I’d only visited on a few […]

Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery
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Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery

I paid a visit today to the Lismore Regional Art Gallery today, where the current exhibition’s called “Resistant Obsolescence”. The exhibition features a series of works created with “found” obsolete technology. Turntables, cassette tapes, floppy discs and other objects have been created into new artworks: some resemble the technology they’ve been created with; others have been used to create something […]

Born and Bred in South Lismore
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Same, Same but Different

“OMG, it’s Kerry”, I shouted out inside my heard. Instantly, I realised I shouldn’t be surprised since I knew Kerry was a regular at the Lismore Farmer’s Markets. I’ve known Kerry’s partner, Paul for almost forty years (since the start of high school), and Kerry for about a decade. Or is it longer? Because I’ve lived away for so long, […]

Wilson's River at Lismore
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Back Home

As I made way through the main park in the centre of Lismore, I saw a group of men sitting in the bandstand. “Hey brother, watch out for the magpie”, one of them yelled out to me. Having grown up with blonde, straw-like hair, I was well aware of the risk of magpies at this time of the year. As […]

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Convicts and Drunks

The digitised newspaper project from from the National Library of Australia (aka Trove) is awesome. I love it. I’ve known a fair bit about my convict ancestors, as their lives were reasonably well documented through official government records. But searching through the newspapers, I have discovered a whole bunch of reports about many of my others ancestors family members that I hadn’t known previously, and would have been near impossible if I’d had to spend thousands of hours reading microfilms of country newspapers. For example, both of my grandfathers appeared in court on charges of public drunkeness and obscene language. The Southern Star (Bega) on Saturday 1 December 1906, page 4 reported that my paternal grandfather James O’Brien appeared in […]

Mum's Birthday 1984
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Mum’s Birthday

As it’s my birthday, I went searching through my photographic archives for images from birthdays past. Oddly enough, I don’t have a lot of suitable photographs of my celebrating, but I did find one from a birthday I remember vividly. It’s me and my mum celebrating her birthday in Feburary 1984, just nine months before her death. Her birthday was […]

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2012 Lismore Flood Photos

The Weather Bureau is currently predicting a 7.2 metre flood peak at Lismore (my home town) tomorrow at 3.00pm. With all the heavy rain still forecast, it will probably go higher. Thought these pics might be useful to know what a 7m flood peak means. They were from January last year. Have also included some flood signs around around Lismore […]

Gollan Hotel, Lismore
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Walk Like A Man

“Do you want a lift over town?” is one of the phrases most commonly used by my family in Lismore. Even though we live only a few hundred metres from the main shopping centre, there’s a level of confusion, even suspicion when I tell members of my family, “No it’s okay, I’ll walk”. In Sydney, every day I walk several […]

Willow and James
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Home for Christmas

Back in May, when I received a MMS of the newest member of our family Willow, I wasn’t sure if Willow was a boy or a girl. Yeah, I know there’s the character of Willow on “Buffy”, but it seemed to me Willow could be a suitable name for either a boy or girl, and my niece is anything but […]

Fireworks at Darling Harbour
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The Big Visit

The view of Sydney Tower (I still call it “Centrepoint”) from the twenty-sixth floor of The Hilton is pretty bloody good. It’s a fact I discovered on Friday when my relatives, Michelle and Shane booked in for a weekend in Sydney. Michelle and Shane have been to Sydney a few times. In fact, they were last here a few months […]

Sitting on the back verandah, watching the lightning.
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Home for Easter

If it wasn’t for Blues-Fest (held at nearby Byron Bay), the local paper, “The Northern Star” would have been a fairly thin volume today. Aside from the “social page snap” of Kings Cross nightclub owner, John Ibrahim, there wasn’t much to be found in today’s paper. Normally, when I come home, I can always find an hour or two’s entertainment […]


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