The Weather Bureau is currently predicting a 7.2 metre flood peak at Lismore (my home town) tomorrow at 3.00pm. With all the heavy rain still forecast, it will probably go higher. Thought these pics might be useful to know what a 7m flood peak means. They were from January last year. Have also included some […]

Gollan Hotel, Lismore

“Do you want a lift over town?” is one of the phrases most commonly used by my family in Lismore. Even though we live only a few hundred metres from the main shopping centre, there’s a level of confusion, even suspicion when I tell members of my family, “No it’s okay, I’ll walk”. In Sydney, […]

Willow and James

Back in May, when I received a MMS of the newest member of our family Willow, I wasn’t sure if Willow was a boy or a girl. Yeah, I know there’s the character of Willow on “Buffy”, but it seemed to me Willow could be a suitable name for either a boy or girl, and […]

Empty 372 Bus in Sydney

There was a moment earlier today when I was quite literally the only person (aside from the bus-driver) on a bus in Sydney. It was in stark contrast to Sydney Airport generally, and my flight to Ballina specifically, which was packed to the rafters. I had a bugger of a job trying to get to […]

The flood markers of South Lismore, not far from where my sisters both live.

For just a brief moment last night I thought we might have seen the start of “flood rain” here in Lismore. “Flood rain” is the phrase used in my family to describe sustained, heavy rainfall that, as you might expect, eventually leads to flooding. You don’t necessarily identify it by the volume of rain that […]


Two weeks ago, when I was in Lismore we had a minor-moderate flood. There’s a chance Lismore will flood again over the next few days at a moderate-major level. In anticipation, my niece, Karran went to the nearby Rocky Creek Dam and sent me some photographs to illustrate the depth of the storage at the […]

Tropical Fruits NYE at Lismore Showground

I’m sure my mum would have been horrified by what I wore to the New Years Eve Party at the Lismore Showground tonight. It wasn’t outrageous in any way, shape and form: it’s just that it wasn’t new. In my family at least there was always a custom to have new outfit for the Lismore […]

Grave for James O'Brien and Lena Noonan at East Lismore Cemetery

I went in search today of details about the still-born child my mum and dad had back in 1953. As with many things in my family, it wasn’t something that was talked about. Indeed, when I mentioned it to one of my older sisters, and showed her the record from the online historical indexes of […]

Mandarin Palace

There was a feeling of deja vu as we watched the “ethnic drumming” which opened the Tropical Fruits Film Festival in Lismore today. A couple of hours earlier I’d been at the now-disused Lismore Railway Station. Well, not completely disused, as the station is still used for railway buses and has a travel centre. Aside […]