Julmust - Swedish Christmas Drink

Over the last few years I’ve written a couple of blog posts about the proliferation of of “Christmas Music” on the Swedish pop charts at this time of the year. The first post was in 2009 when I mentioned that… One of my colleagues, half-Australian/half-Swedish, asked me today if I had any Swedish Christmas music […]

Signs of Christmas in Sydney

When it comes to public opinion, “Christmas Music” can be a real conversation divider. There’s a radio discussion forum I participate in , for example, which seems evenly divided at the moment by those who quite like or are indifferent to “Christmas Music” and those who absolutely loathe it. I must admit years ago I […]

Meeting Magnus Carlsson at Golden Times in Stockholm

Over the last five years or so I’ve become quite a fan of the Swedish singer, Magnus Carlsson. Not to be confused with Magnus Carlson (one s, not two) from the band, “Weeping Willows”, it’s the dance band and pop singer that I really like. I first became aware of him when he was a […]

Magnus Carlsson from Youtube

You know it’s christmas in a week and a day and I just can’t figure out what to give away So I just wrap myself in paper for you baby “Wrap myself in paper” by Magnus Carlsson has been my favourite “Christmas song” for the last few years. I discovered it at about the time […]

Disco on Parramatta Road, Lewisham

I thought for a moment I was in a Swedish disco tonight. I’d just left the Lewisham Hotel which is my regular Wednesday night venue with friends. As I walked towards the bus, I’d put my headphones on, and was listening to some Magnus Carlsson, one of my favourite Swedish pop singers. It was one […]

Absinthe Bar at The Clarion in Gavle

I was almost late for the ABBA tribute concert tonight in Sandviken, near Gavle, north of Uppsala in Sweden. As much as I love ABBA, this wasn’t, however, the attraction to move out of Stockholm for a couple of days. Rather, I was keen to see one of the participants, Magnus Carlsson. I discovered Magnus […]

The grand finale

My love of Swedish pop music actually predates ABBA. Even though I didn’t know it was Swedish at the time, one of my earliest favourite songs was “Hooked On A Feeling” by the band, “Blue Swede” featuring Björn Skifs. I only discovered the Swedish link when Björn appeared in “Chess” the musical by Björn and […]

Magnus Carlsson playing at Patricia, Stockholm during Europride 2008.

There’s a fabulous new clip on Youtube of Helen Sjöholm singing “You Have To Be There” from the musical Kristina. It’s a song I first became aware of in the mid 90s as a the Swedish song “Du Måste Finnas”, literally, “You Must Exist”. It’s in the musical – based on the Vilhelm Moberg books […]

Sanna Shirley och Sonja

One of my colleagues, half-Australian/half-Swedish, asked me today if I had any Swedish Christmas music she could borrow. “Of course I do”, I told her, promising to bring some in to work. She said she was feeling a little homesick. I don’t quite understand why “Christmas Music” is so popular in Sweden. Perhaps it’s the […]

The jolly season is aproaching fast Giving us a reason to be happy at last I just wanna give you The best that I have got And it’s yours to keep Waiting under the tree You know it’s christmas in a week and a day and I just can’t figure out what to give away […]

Swedish class was a lot of fun tonight. It’s two weeks since I’ve been due to holidays and just not feeling like it last week, but things still went okay. I was anxious about the class due to the homework which was an exercise involving reflexive pronouns and reflexive verbs. My goodness, I didn’t know […]

So how did I spend my 44th birthday? Well it was a Monday, so I went to work, and dealt with some of the more mundane aspects of my job. And then after work, a couple of colleagues and I went out for a drink (or three). Then I came home to watch Dansbandskampen, a […]

“Oh God, what have I been listening to?” was my response when I realised on the bus tonight the headphone plug on my phone was loose, and that I had been giving everyone else a taste of my musical collection. It was then I realised I’d been on a Magnus Carlsson “fest”. Magnus is a […]

At the risk of boring you with more Swedish pop, here’s min favouriter at the moment. I’ve loved the song for ages, but have only just discovered this clip on the youtube thingy… Rest assured, the song is in English. In the introduction Magnus Carlsson from Alcazar basically says here’s a song from England, and […]

It’s Sunday night and I’m having a cup of tea of sorts. Well, not so much a cup of a tea, more a herbal infusion, whatever that means. And even though it’s called a “herbal” infusion I’m sure it can’t be all that healthy. I mean, it tastes so good, it couldn’t possibly be healthy. […]