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Drag queen, Felicity at The Imperiall Hotel
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Mardi Gras

“I’m running late. The bus was late, but I’ll be there shortly”, I told a friend by text message. I haven’t really participated much in this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, so we had planned to catch up for a beer and a bit of “Mardi Gras” spirit at Sydney’s legendary Imperial Hotel. “I think Sunday afternoon is […]

Matthew Mitcham CD
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Twists and Turns – Matthew Mitcham

I think Matthew Mitcham is stalking me. I wish. On Tuesday we jockeyed for position in the coffee queue at the ABC cafe, ahead of his appearance on Midday Interview with Margaret Throsby. This afternoon, he was in the reception of 702 ABC Sydney, ahead of his appearance on “Thank God It’s Friday”. “I loved your show last night”, I […]

Charlie Hides as Cher
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Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides has one of the funniest live shows I’ve seen in ages. He’s an English comedian – though originally from the United States – who dresses up and impersonates (with humour and affection) some of the great modern pop divas, including Cher, Madonna and Lady GaGa. For the last couple of years, I’ve been enthusiastically sharing his Youtube videos […]

Photographer - Unsure, but looks like a theatre publicity shot. Happy to credit if I can find out the photographer.
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Privates On Parade

“Meet the gang cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you…” Nearly forty years after having first watched “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”, the 1970s BBC sit-com, I can still remember and sing-a-long with the opening theme song. Having spent most of my formative years just a few feet away from a 26″ Chrysler colour TV, it’s no […]

Dawn O'Donnell - still taken from movie trailer
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Croc-a-Dyke Dundee

Years ago I remember watching a really fantastic documentary about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras called, Feed Them to the Cannibals. As I recall, the title was a reference to the words of an Australian government official, who was asked what he thought should be done with those engaging in homosexual behaviour in the early days of European […]

Mardi Gras Shop on Oxford Street
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Loreen Made Me Come Out

They’ve painted a rainbow pedestrian crossing at Sydney’s Taylor Square to celebrate the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Apparently it cost a lot of money, and thus it’s been controversial according to the newspapers today. I have no idea if the story is true or not, and therefore have no valid opinions on the matter. But I will say it […]

Swedish parliament
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Fyra år till – Four more years

Having seen Au Pair, Kansas the other day and all of its faux Swedish-ness, it was great to see a real Swedish film, as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival. “Fyra år till” (Four More Years) tells the story of two Swedish male politicians with contrasting lives and viewpoints who fall in love. From the right-leaning Folkpartiet, there is […]

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From Hollywood to Dollywood

“They’re cute, but I’m not sure I’d like either one of them as a boyfriend”, I told my friends as we walked out of the movie. “You mean they’re a bit high maintenance?”, one of my friends replied with a twinkle in his eyes. We were talking about the twin brothers – Larry and Garry – at the centre of […]

The Green
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The Green

“Most films, these days are far too long and lack any discernible plot”, I told to my friend The Best Judge was we left the cinema tonight. “This film had neither of those characteristics”, I added, pleasingly and reassuringly. We were at Fox Studios for “The Green” one of the films in this year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival. I hadn’t […]

Flyer for Hat's Off 2012
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Hats Off 2012

We had a brilliant night at Hats Off, the annual “Smörgåsbord” of Australan musical theatre at the Seymour Centre. Amongst the highlights for us both were: * Two English Gents – two blokes in bowler hats and suits (who later stripped off to Union Jack boxer shorts, and to reveal quite remarkable bodies) who performed some amazing acrobatic acts. See […]

Swedish flag in Sydney Mardi Gras
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Mardi Gras Parade 2011

If you were to identify a “glory time” for Mardi Gras, in terms of crowds, you would have to say it was the 1990s. Every year, it seemed, there were claims of “record crowds”. Every year, it seemed, the number of parade participants increased, and so did the number of people watching. The parade route has changed somewhat over the […]

Lily Tomlin
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Lily Tomlin

As I made my way home on the bus tonight I checked Twitter to see if anyone else had been to see Lily Tomlin and what they thought. I tend to follow a wide ranging group of people – I see as many people tweeting about rugby union matches as I do about Mardi Gras – and so wasn’t expecting […]

Gay Bushdance
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Not A Very Good Gay

Even though I may have appeared on a Mardi Gras float or two in my life, a good friend claims that I just don’t act “gay” enough. In fact, part of her argument about why I’m “still single” is that I just don’t give off enough of a “gay vibe”. She argues I’m missing out on potential suitors because they […]

Central Coast float in rehearsal
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Mardi Gras Linguistics

Gay used to be such a lovely word. It used to mean such lovely things. But THEY have taken this lovely word, and THEY have made it into something horrible. I’m talking about teenagers, of course. I’m old enough, now, to have known three quite different meanings for the word “gay”. And I guess, reflective of my more mature status, […]

Englishman in New York
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Englishman in New York

Grant, Graeme and I went to The Ritz at Randwick tonight to see “An Englishman In New York”, as part of Mardi Gras Film Festival. It took about as long as a flight to get to New York to get there, as the George Michael concert was about to commence in Moore Park.cWho would have thought George Michael would be […]


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