Anton Ewald

Ah yes, I remember it well. It was Stockholm Pride in 2011, and Graeme and I were there in the front row for the final ever performance by legendary Swedish pop group, Alcazar. There was a real sense of sadness in the crowd, as Alcazar had delivered so many wonderful pop music memories. The sadness […]

It's not The Footy Show

“Oh my God, it’s The Footy Show”, I thought to myself as I watched the opening moments of the third heat of this year’s Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest. A big boofy bloke in a dress is always hilarious, isn’t it? Well, no actually. Even though the audience laughs, uncomfortably, […]

Little Great Things, featuring Charlie and Felix Grönvall

There was a real sense of déjà vu in the second heat of this year’s Melodifestivalen, the contest which decides which act will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2005, in controversial circumstances, Sweden chose Martin Stenmarck with his song “Las Vegas” (which I liked a lot) over Nanne Grönvall with her song […]

Melodifestivalen 2013 Hosts

For the last few days I’ve been struggling. I’ve been unable to decide if it was the songs or the hosts of this year’s first edition of Melodifestivalen which were the most underwhelming. That’s why it’s taken me a few days to compose a post, whereas I’m normally quite speedy to offer my opinions on […]

Petra Mede hosts Eurovision

“So do you think all the Eurovision Parties in Sydney will always be shit, or do you think they’ll ever get better?”, a friend of mine asked me as we shared a drink last night. She’s from England, she’s attended Eurovision, and for the last few years she’s been living in Sydney. That’s how we […]

Robin Stjernberg, Martin Rolinski, Shirley Clamp and others at the opening of The ABBA Museum in Stockholm

It’s no wonder Sweden won last year. Loreen had a great song in “Euphoria” which she performed very, very well. In ten or twenty years time, I’m pretty sure it will be regarded as one of the “great moments” of Eurovision. Even though “You” by Robin Stjernberg isn’t in the same league, of course I’ll […]

Army Of Lovers at Melodifestivalen

As we count down to this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest, I’m still a little disappointed Sweden didn’t have the guts to choose Army Of Lovers as their entrant. The song is only three minutes long, but so much happens in that time: blatant lip-syncing, lewd gestures, overly padded crotches, Lion King costumes, a same-sex kiss, […]

Attending Melodifestivalen in Stockholm

“I’ll bet they’re not an official licence by ABC Commercial”, I said to my friend, Patrick tonight as we entered Friends Arena in Stockholm for Melodifestivalen, the Swedish competition which chooses the song which will represent Sweden at Eurovision in May. I was referring to B1 and B2. “We’re from Austraia”, I told one of […]

Rainbow Footpath on Sydney's Oxford Street

They’ve painted a rainbow pedestrian crossing at Sydney’s Taylor Square to celebrate the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Apparently it cost a lot of money, and thus it’s been controversial according to the newspapers today. I have no idea if the story is true or not, and therefore have no valid opinions on the matter. […]

Army Of Lovers at Melodifestivalen

“What a bunch of bogans”, I thought to myself as I watched how the Swedish public voted in the Heat 4 of Melodifestivalen, the finals which choose the song which represents Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. I had no doubt Ulrik Munther would make it through. He’s talented, very popular with teenage girls, is […]


“It’s Björn Ranelid all over again”, according to one of the blokes they interviewed on the web-only after-show coverage of Melodifestivalen. I think he was a newspaper journalist, and he was referring to the controversy in the equivalent round of Melodifestivalen last year when Björn Ranelid’s “novelty song”, “Mirakel” made it through to the final. […]

Swedish House Family from Mleodifestivalen

The songs in the second heat of Melodifestivalen 2013, the competition which chooses the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, were considerably better than those which featured in the first heat last weekend. But that’s not to say they were great songs or performances, or even potential Eurovision winners, as the comparison comes from […]

Cookies n Beans on Melodifestivalen

“There’s certainly no Loreen in that lot”, I thought to myself as I watched Melodifestivalen #1 this morning. Melodifestivalen is the multi-heat competition which chooses the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. In the equivalent heat last year, Loreen appeared with “Euphoria” and it was pretty clear she was a major contender to go […]

Petra Mede to host Eurovision 2013

Gosh, I love the internet. You can lie on your couch in Sydney (as the rain intensifies) and via your television set, be transported across the other side of the world to Sweden and watch the announcement of this year’s host of the Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden’s hosting this year, by the way, after Loreen […]

Shirley Clamp in full vocal flight

I really, really love this photograph taken almost three years ago at a shopping centre in Stockholm with Swedish pop singer (and daughter in law of ABBA-Benny), Nanne Grönvall. In particular, I love the look on the face of the child behind us. I had been waiting in a queue with a friend who is […]