Dawn O'Donnell - still taken from movie trailer

Years ago I remember watching a really fantastic documentary about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras called, Feed Them to the Cannibals. As I recall, the title was a reference to the words of an Australian government official, who was asked what he thought should be done with those engaging in homosexual behaviour in […]

Muriel's Wedding - Goodbye Porpoise Spit

A few friends have been noting of late it’s twenty years since the film, “Muriel’s Wedding” was released. I guess it was the article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day which prompted most of the nostalgia. For a lot of people, “Muriel’s Wedding” is a light-hearted comedy. For me, it’s actually a heart-felt […]

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned this post contains an image which may feature deceased persons. Thought I’d give a mention to a documentary my friend, Michaela Perske has produced and co-written called “88″. The documentary goes back to 1988, the year of the Australian Bicentenary, and tells the story of some […]

The Darkside

I went to one of (maybe the first public screening) of the new film by Warwick Thornton, previously known for such brilliant works as Samson and Delilah (director) and The Sapphires (director of photography). In contrast to the clear, strong narrative of those two films, you need to work out your own “narrative” for The […]

Alan Partridge in the studio

We knew within seconds we were in the “wrong movie”. We had already felt a little uncomfortable about the size of the crowd and theatre, expecting a much larger crowd in a much larger theatre. But we sat there, chatting, half-watching the ads, until the opening credits appeared and within seconds we realised we were […]

The Sunnyboy

Even though many people may have long-forgotten the 1980′s Australian rock band, The Sunnyboys, they’ve continued to live on in my consciousness. As a teenager, growing up in Lismore, they were always “special” in a way, because they had grown up at nearby Kingscliff. To see a band appearing on “Countdown” who were also from […]

Xage Restaurant, Crown Street, Surry Hills

“It’s all a bit busy tonight. Clearly everyone’s read my blog”, I joked to my friend as we made our way into Xage. Xage is a terrific restuarant located in and otherwise “dead” part of Crown Street, Surry Hills. We first visited Xage about three or four years ago when they first opened. I wrote […]

Äta sova dö

There’s only one Swedish language film in this year’s Sydney Film Festival. Even then, it’s not entirely in Swedish, as parts of the film are also in Serbian and Montenegrin. On top of that, there are bits where the parts in Swedish are delivered with accents. My eyes were popping up and down between the […]


Many years after I left Lismore, I remember being back there and going through a box of my things which included a pencil-case from my early years at primary school. In those days, pencil-cases also usually contained pens, textas and rubbers/erasers. They were usually made of vinyl, and it was all the rage to use […]

Killing Them Softly

There were three or four occasions in “Killing Them Softly” when I had to turn my head away, due to the violence. I wasn’t the only one, it seems, as I de-briefed with a combination of friends, colleagues and others as we attended the red carpet premiere of the new Brad Pitt film at Dendy […]

The Sapphires

It took me a while to get there – the film opened a few weeks ago – but on the weekend I finally got to see “The Sapphires”. OMG, what a great film. I’d highly recommend it. The film concerns the real life story of a group of four young women from an Aboriginal mission […]

This American Life

Today I went to see a preview of the movie version of the “This American Life” radio program. A radio show as a movie? It’s not too surprising, in some ways, because the program has a strong visual element to the story-telling. In some ways, the movie was like a snapshot of the program. There […]

Swedish parliament

Having seen Au Pair, Kansas the other day and all of its faux Swedish-ness, it was great to see a real Swedish film, as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival. “Fyra år till” (Four More Years) tells the story of two Swedish male politicians with contrasting lives and viewpoints who fall in love. From […]

Frank Christian Marx

“I’ve been to that bar, I’m sure”, I whispered in the ears of my friends as we watched “Männer zum knutschen” (Men To Kiss) at the Mardi Gras Film Festival. It was August 2008, I was in Berlin, and sitting in a bar there with the inspired name of The Sharon Stonewall. While there I […]

Au pair, Kansas

The opening scenes to “Au pair, Kansas” feature a forty-ish woman and her two teenage sons standing at the airport of a small Mid-West American town holding up a Swedish flag. My friends and I all laughed out loud, because we knew the character they were meeting was actually supposed to be Norwegian. D’oh. The […]