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MIchael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons on display at Versailles, France 2008
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Michael Jackson at Versailles

“I’d like to know who approved this”, my friend David said today of the Jeff Koons exhibition at the Versailles Palace. “I mean, I quite like his work”, he added, but wondered why this world-famous building was deemed an appropriate space to exhibit Koon’s famous statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles. “Maybe it’s because of the extravagance of the work. […]

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Great Views of Paris

“Just keep walking, it’s a scam”, I shouted to the young tourist couple, hoping they understood my English. I knew something was awry when on the approach to the Eiffel Tower, I saw a young girl approach them, pretending to have found a gold ring in the sand and asking if it was theirs. Just a minute or so earlier, […]

Minding a car space for someone I dont know.
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Sunday in The Marais

“Oh my God, she’s going to ask for directions”, I thought to myself when the forty-something glamorous woman with a suitcase called out to me today. “Oh my God, how do you say I’m a tourist?” I thought to myself, as she beckoned me to stop. She quickly recognised I was an English language speaker, and explained to me her […]

Château de Fontainebleau
Blogging 5

Day Of Death

”Yes, it’s like this every day”, my friend David told me with a certain disdain on his face. As I looked around the carriage most of the other passengers seemed to have the same look on their faces, as a group of buskers started playing music in our carriage. Although it was the first time I’ve experienced it, apparently it’s […]

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Loire Valley – Day Three

You know how when you travel you end up with a pocket full of coins you can’t do anything with. The exchange bureaus won’t accept them, and of course you don’t feel as though you can throw them away (they’re money after all). In writing this, I’ve realised I could probably give them to the poor and needy, though you […]

The second time I've missed the Pope!
Blogging 5

People Of Paris

“Do you understand what she just said?”, the kind middle-aged woman asked me on the metro this afternoon. “Not a word”, I told her. She knew I didn’t speak French, because just moments earlier she’d asked me if I knew what was going on. She told me there’d been an accident on the metro and that we would all need […]

David and James in Paris
Blogging 9

Paris Wins

Although a number of friends argued I should have just caught the train between London and Paris, I’m glad I flew. Although the weather was shitty when I left London, things improved pretty quickly, and I was lucky enough to have great views of the White Cliffs of Dover, and then flying into CDG Airport, to see the French countryside. […]


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