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Maralinga by Lin Onus at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. A stunning work about the atomic tests conducted in Australia during the 1950s. A young woman holds tightly to her mother, as the winds from the blast from the explosion. A shameful part of our history.
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Preparing for the Sunday night Red Eye

It’s Sunday evening. It’s been a warm day in Perth. I’m sitting on the balcony of the hotel I’ve been staying in. I hope the people on the cruise boat down below don’t mind that I’m sitting here, wearing just shorts, and sipping on a glass of wine. Because frankly, the last week has been super-super-busy, and if they do […]

Hipster laneway bar in Perth
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International Food Tour of Perth

You know how when you meet someone and they introduce themselves, but within five minutes you’ve completely forgotten their name? That’s how it was with one of the blokes on the International Food Tour of Perth which I undertook today. Thankfully, I knew he was the father of Justin, our tour guide. We shared a few interesting stories throughout the […]

Not the best BBQ Pork in Perth
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The Return Of Pork Boy

I am not entirely sure why, but I’ve struggled to find BBQ Pork in Perth. I’ve been to quite a few Asian eateries and have looked through the menu without any sign of BBQ pork. Lots of seafood. But no pork. I have specifically asked at a couple of places, only to be told, “No, we don’t do BBQ Pork”. […]

You might think it's a piece of public art, but I saw someone use it as a mirror to check their hair!
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Three Hours

I took my first work-related phone call from the Eastern States at about seven o’clock this morning. Even though it was in my diary, and I’d planned for it, I was still fairly bleary eyed. Still, I think I managed to make sense of it all. I think I also made sense when I took a call the other day […]

Pop Trivia
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Boy and Bear

Although for a while I was thinking “Boy & Bear” would be a good name for our team for the pop trivia night at Yaya’s, in the end it was probably best to go with “Le coqs sportif”. “Boy & Bear”, of course is the name of a highly successful Australian pop group at the moment, and although it would […]

Il Lido at Cottesloe
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All is quiet on New Year’s Day

As I caught the train to Il Lido, I couldn’t help but notice the number of men wearing ties and women wearing fascinators. “Is this Melbourne Cup Day?”, I thought to myself, wondering if, wearing a nice new shirt and a reasonably expensive pair of jeans was somewhat under-dressed for New Year’s Eve in Perth. The answer became evident as […]

Australian Prime Minister, John Curtin was Member for Fremantle
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A little bit of Sweden in Perth

It’s mid-afternoon in Perth, and I’m back in my room with the fan on maximum rotation trying to cool down after an interesting and busy day. I started the day off with a coffee, a smoked salmon baguette, and an apple strudel at a Swedish cafe. Even in Perth, there’s a little bit of Sweden, it seems. Well, more than […]

The Motorbike Frog in the backyard pond of Damian and Kate
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The Motorbike Frog

Last night I encountered the sight and sound of the Motorbike Frog which apparently is the “most commonly encountered frog” in the South-West of Western Australia. I was in a backyard at Fremantle along with two colleagues and their respective partners, and we were have a really, really lovely time eating a wonderful meal, drinking some great wine, and chatting […]

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This Wide Brown (And White) Land

I have crossed this wide brown land and have arrived in Perth (Western Australia), as evidenced by these photographs. The flight was excellent. I had two seats by myself in the first row behind business. It was fascinating to cross the country from East to West, and in particular to look down at the land below and see evidence of […]

Swan River, Perth
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Perth Reflections

Well here it is, Wednesday afternoon and I’m back home in Sydney, having spent the last four days of so visiting Perth, the city where I spent most of 2004. This was my second time back in Perth and, as with my last visit, I’ve had time to reflect on “what might have been”, had I stayed there instead of […]

Fremantle, Western Australia
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Goodbye Perth

It’s lunchtime Saturday and I’m sitting in an internet cafe in Fremantle. Earlier today, I removed the last of my belongings from my home in Perth – I’d left some clothes in a drawer – and I’m now officially living at the Novotel Hotel. The last week has been reasonably interesting with lots of highlights, both personal and professional, especially […]

Amarin Thai Restaurant in Subiaco
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Perth Farewell

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been awake for several hours. Just been out for breakfast at my local cafe – the one where I buy a coffee every morning – which was terrific. Not quite a “last supper” but my time in Perth is rapidly coming to a close. This is particularly so, since it was announced yesterday that, on […]

Launch of the Perth International Arts Festival.
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Social Life Explodes

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just watched “The Simpsons”. The last few days have seen a real explosion in my social life as I’ve gone from event to event. Bizarre really… isn’t it that with two weeks left in Perth suddenly I have lots to do. So, without further ado… here’s what I’ve been up to lately. On Friday afternoon […]

The graveyard at New Norcia, Western Australia
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Time Is Tight

It’s Wednesday night and time is running out. I now have less than three weeks in Perth and, workwise, still have quite a bit to do. Nonetheless, I’m reasonably confident I can achieve all I want to and won’t be leaving with any loose ends. If anyone from work is reading this, I hope that doesn’t sound ominous because it […]

New Norcia
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New Norcia

New Norcia is unique in Australia: it’s a village founded and mostly inhabited by a group of Benedictine Monks. Yes, Benedictine Monks, who settled the community in 1846. Why? Good question. It would appear, however, the founder, Dom Rosendo Salvado, had a belief in the need to form an Australian ministry and, according to the museum, had a particular interest […]

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Sue Pays A Visit

It’s Saturday morning and it’s overcast in Perth. I’ve just made some coffee and Sue is currently making toast and will join me soon to help compose this latest entry. Ah, she’s here. Sue arrived from Melbourne on Monday night. Although she was here only a few weeks ago, we didn’t really have much of a chance to catch up, due mostly to Sue’s work commitments. So, I was very pleased when she announced she was coming back for another visit. I think she’s had a reasonably busy year with work, study and life generally, so this was hopefully going to be a fairly relaxed week with plans to lie by the apartment block’s “Melrose Place-style” swimming pool and read […]


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