ABC Float in Sydney's Lunar New Year Parade

I’m still buzzing after involvement last night in the first-ever ABC float in Sydney’s Chinese / Lunar New Year Parade. My throat is still hoarse from shouting, my arm is still sore from waving, and my mouth is still sore from smiling so much :)


“Remember your credit card has a limit, not a target” was one of my favourite lines delivered at the Now Hear This story-telling night at the State Library of NSW. Now Hear This is a radio project I’ve had some involvement in over the last couple of years. Most of the time it’s a story-telling […]

Later in the morning I was interviewed on the "Maggs On Media" program shown on commercial television in South Africa. I spoke with Jeremy Maggs about some of these trends, digital radio in Australia, and was asked what I thought of South African radio. I told him it was fascinating to hear programs in different languages and I thought there was probably more musical variety than on Australian radio.

When I was recently in South Africa, speaking at the Radio Days Jo’burg Conference, I was also asked to speak about pop up radio on The Maggs On Media television program about the issue of pop up radio stations (which I spoke about, amongst other things, at the conference). I woke up this morning and […]

Coat Hanger Radio
Behind the scenes at VOW-FM, Johannesburg

Soli Philander was, without doubt, the most entertaining and passionate speak on the third and final day (if not overall) at Radio Days Jo’burg. “I’m 52 and I look damn good”, he said at one point. Underlying this comment, which made me laugh out loud, was the confidence that comes from having found yourself in […]

Digital radio transmission maps for Melbourne and Perth

As other countries begin to move from analogue to digital radio, I was asked to share some of the history and experiences of digital radio in Australia. This is the text from the presentation I made at Radio Days Jo’burg. DIGITAL RADIO IN AUSTRALIA The first image I’d like to show you is an historic […]

Interview with Mo-G at Kaya FM in Johannesburg

There were times today at Radio Days Jo’burg when I thought my head might explode. Not literally, of course, but metaphorically as I found myself trying to understand ideas, concepts, and life situations well beyond my normal frame of reference. During morning break, for example, I was chatting once again with a lovely woman who […]

Sand art on the big screen at the opening night activity at Radio Days Jo'burg 2013

By about seven o’clock I was feeling really really tired. I’d spent the day thinking and talking, and foremost in my mind was the idea of going home and hopping in bed. Two things kept me at the opening night activities of the Radio Days Jo’burg Conference. The first, a rather practical one was the […]

Newspaper cartoon about ABC in King Lake

I was asked to present a paper at “Radio Days Jo’burg” on Australia’s experience with pop up radio stations. This paper was a significantly expanded and quite different paper to the one which I presented at “Radio Days Europe” at Berlin in March. This is the text from the speech I prepared (along with some […]

The audience watches the opening session at Radio Days Joburg 2013

Today I was privileged to be asked to be a guest panellist on the opening session of the conference, “Radio Days Jo’burg”.It’s an annual conference held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg The panel also consisted of Siphelele Sixaso (Head of Marketing at the SABC) and radio presenter, manager, Idol judge and South African […]

Michael Riley

“Tell the story about the bed…”, someone yelled out from the crowd attending the opening night of the Michael Riley retrospective at The Commercial Gallery in Sydney tonight. As noted by Wikipedia… Michael Riley (1960–2004) was an Australian Indigenous photographer and film-maker, and co-founder of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative. A significant figure in Contemporary Indigenous […]

Food scraps

There was a brief moment tonight when I looked at my friend Kate with surprise/shock in my eyes. We were having a glass of wine at a rather crowded exhibition opening. It was one of those exhibition openings where it’s so crowded you barely have room to actually observe and appreciate the art on the […]

Fireworks for the ABBA Museum Opening

It’s late Monday night, my final night in Sweden (sadly), and I’ve just arrived home from the music, fireworks and celebrity-spotting of the official opening of the long-awaited ABBA Museum. The idea for a permanent ABBA Museum in Stockholm has been around since the end of 2006. The original idea was for the museum to […]

Valerie Geller and Valerie Weber at Radio Days Europe 2013

As always, Valerie Geller was an inspiration at Radio Days Europe. I first became aware of her work. Even though I’ve heard her mantra of “tell the truth, make it matter, and never be boring” many, many times over the last decade, it’s a message which continues to resonate. “No matter what the platform, story-telling […]