My Blue Jeans

It’s been four weeks since I last went to Swedish class, and I was feeling apprehensive. I’ve had a few commitments over the last few weeks which have kept me busy and unable to attend class. I’ve also been neglecting study, and haven’t really listened to or read much Swedish in the intervening period. I […]

Lutheran Church and Cafe Svensson on Goulburn Street, Sydney

Well that was all a bit stupid. Having spent the day in bed feeling pretty sick, I decided I’d still try to make it to Swedish class. Big mistake. The symptoms of my illness? A bit of hayfever, lots of sneezing, a bit of a bronchial cough, and general lethargy. Damien told me last night […]

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest

“The subtitles don’t exactly match the text”, I whispered in the ear of my friend Grant. “And isn’t it great that we can recognise this?”, he responded. We were sitting in the Dendy Cinema at Newtown watching the third and final in the Millenium series by Stieg Larsson. Grant has read the books in English, […]

Sthlms Liv CD

I had a bit of a breakthrough at Swedish class tonight. I normally loathe grammar, but I quite enjoyed the exercise we did tonight. Best of all? I think I actually understood the principles behind what we learned, and can possibly even apply them in real life. That’s a real breakthrough, let me tell you. […]

Trinity Hotel Haloumi

For the first time in a few years I had dinner tonight at Surry Hill’s Trinity Hotel. In a galaxy far, far, away I used to be a fairly regular patron there, especially as on a Wednesday night they had a pretty fantastic trivia competition (which my group often won). But circumstances change, and I’ve […]

Cafe Svensson, Sydney, Australia

After one month’s break, Swedish class resumed tonight. And unlike previous occasions which have mostly been on a Tuesday night, my group now has classes on a Wednesday night. This is the same night as “Cafe Svensson”, the Swedish community get-together. Grant and I met at the pub for a beer and a chat before […]

Grand Hotel at night

It was a normal enough Tuesday. Busy, of course, culminating in Swedish class. It was our final Swedish class of this “season”, with a recommencement in two weeks. Thus, we had a few things to eat and drink, including some Swedish meatballs. Yummo! As part of my homework for Swedish class this week, we were […]

Lutheran Church in Sydney which is also home to Svenska kyrkan i Sydney

The sound of ABBA could be heard wafting from the cafe of the Lutheran Church in Sydney tonight. As part of our Swedish studies each week, we translate a song and have a discussion about the lyrics, how they work as texts, and, of course we listen to the song. We’ve done a range of […]

Prinsesstårta - this image has been released into the public domain by its author, Bengt Olof Åradsson.

For the second time in as many weeks, I’ve easten Prinsesstårta, an almost sickly sweet Swedish cake made from sponge, cream and marzipan (the Chernobyl-like green stuff). Last time it was Swedish class. This time it was an at-work birthday celebration for a colleague who has both Swedish and Australian parents. And best of all? […]