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Song Of The Year – Tove Lo Habits

Of all the new music I saw/heard in 2014, this was the one that stood out. Yeah, of course it’s from a Swedish artist, and I love the fact she doesn’t try to hide that in her video clip (unlike a lot of other Swedish artists these days who are doing their best to hide their Swedishness by filming their clips in the US). I love the song musically, as it has a good melody and lyrics. But I really love the video clip, as it captures both the elements of “the selfie” and the self-destructiveness of youth culture. I also really love the vulnerability she shows in the clip. Hopefully honest. Can’t go home alone again Need someone to […]

Swedish beer
Blogging 4

My Swedish is better when I’ve been drinking

Once again I’ve decided my Swedish is better when I’ve had a drink or two, or three or four. I first discovered this a few years ago at a bar in Stockholm. I was chatting in English with a couple of Swedish guys, and when the topic got around to learning the Swedish language, I discovered my Swedish was far […]


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