I had one of those moments tonight where I had goose-bumps at a live performance. I was watching the Swedish band, First Aid Kit, play their first-ever gig in Sydney. They’re two young women who play indie/folk/blah blah blah kind of music. They did a modern-day cover version of the song, “Universal Soldier” by Donovan […]

Cafe Svensson, Sydney, Australia

After one month’s break, Swedish class resumed tonight. And unlike previous occasions which have mostly been on a Tuesday night, my group now has classes on a Wednesday night. This is the same night as “Cafe Svensson”, the Swedish community get-together. Grant and I met at the pub for a beer and a chat before […]

…on my desk at work. Everyone has gone to Stockholm this year except me! :(

Sweden was, once again, the recurrent theme in my life today. The day started off simply enough with breakfast at the nearby “Book Cafe”. I’ve been there before on several occasions, but it’s normally quite busy, because the food is very good. Today, we were lucky enough to score an outside table where we watched […]