A Life in Three Acts – Bette Bourne

Duckie at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, London SE11

“OMG, I’ve been there”, I whispered in the ear of my friend, as an image of the The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London flashed on the screen. We were sitting watching the play, “A Life in Three Acts” at the Sydney Theatre Company this afternoon. Even a couple of hours before going to see the play I had little idea of what it was about. My friend had obtained tickets and invited me because she thought it was something I might enjoy. She had only described the play as being […]

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Name in Lights

Kate Croll in lights at Sydney Museum

It’s not a very good photograph, is it? If you squint hard enough, though, you might be able to recognise the name “Kate Croll“. Along with myself, Kate’s name has been “up in lights” as part of a project that’s part of the Sydney Festival. According to the associated festival blurb… Iconic American conceptual artist John Baldessari is looking for people, who want their name in lights, but just for 15 glittering seconds. Your Name in Lights reflects the changing cult of celebrity in modern society and recalls Andy Warhol’s […]

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Festival First Night

Emmylou Harris at Sydney Festival Opening Night

“She looks a bit bored”, my friend Kate said to me, referring to the expression on the face of Emmylou Harris, as she performed tonight at Sydney Festival First Night. I’m not a huge fan of Emmylou Harris, but I was keen to see her perform. I thought she looked more like Deborah Harry, actually. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. She didn’t really seem all that excited to be here. I thought she was going through the motions, though I could be wrong. At the risk of […]

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Sat On My Lap

Looks like the work of Luke Temby on the walls of Surry Hills

As Kate and I walked around the streets of Chippendale, we noticed posters featuring artwork by Luke Temby. I noticed another one tonight as I came home from dinner at Emad’s on Cleveland Street. The art group I belong to has bought a couple of works by Temby, and he has created this crazy kind of universe called Cupco. It was interesting to see his works out and about on the streets, as well as in the galleries. Kate was into town for a couple of exhibitions, including one we […]

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Hot in the City

Filming ANZ commercial on Crown Street

As I listened to the radio this morning, Liz Ellis played the classic summer song, “Hot In The City” by Billy Idol. Twelve hours later, and as I walked home, the song was back in my head. It was appropriate for the weather. Also as I walked home tonight I found myself stuck behind a series of tall women, all of whom walked side-to-side across the footpath. I’d been out with Graeme for several hours and I was kinda in a mood to get home quickly. They’d also been out […]

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Festival Party

Sydney Festival Party

“Did you see Grace Jones” was the most popular conversation opener at last night’s “Sydney Festival Opening Night Party” at Hyde Park Barracks. Damo and I arrived there just after eleven. Quite early really, as the main crowd didn’t really arrive until about 11.30. Once inside, we had a bite to eat, a drink, and a wander around to see who we knew. Whenever we met someone there was the obligatory review of Grace Jones’ performance, with all of them overwhelmingly positive. The design for the party this year – […]

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Here’s Grace

Grace Jones at Sydney Festival First Night

Grace Jones was just a tiny spot on the stage last night, but she still managed to fill The Domain. She was, of course, the star attraction for the Sydney Festival First Night. And for me, the main attraction. In common with a lot of similarly aged poofs, I’ve been a Grace Jones fan for a long, long, time. At about the age of eighteen I remember seeing, “Walking In The Rain” being played on Countdown, and being totally blown away. Along the way I’ve followed her musical career, though […]

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