Gosh I love #Sydney . I went to the launch tonight of the Sydney Writers Festival at the wharves near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. While the festivities went on inside, there were people outside fishing. A great multi-purpose site!

New Alcohol Laws

A few weeks ago, as a result of some high profile recent violent attacks, the NSW Government enacted some new liquor licensing laws. In short, Sydney has gone from being a 24-hour city, where you could pretty much purchase alcohol at any time of the day to one with restrictions. Bars now have a “lockout” […]

Manly Storm

Spent a fabulous day at Manly, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Like everyone else, I pulled out my phone to take a photograph of the storm as it arrived.

safARI 2014 Launch

To be honest, we weren’t much impressed with the art works. But we did enjoy the social aspects of the launch last night of safARI. Lots of fun, great conversations in Chippendale laneways. Later, a terrific bite to eat at Emperor’s Garden in Chinatown.

Haloumi at Nomad

A week or so ago, I asked a friend for advice about where I should take Robert and Sandra for dinner. Sandra and Robert are visiting from Sweden at the moment, and so I wanted to show them somewhere a little funky, a little groovy, but with excellent food and wine, as that’s something they […]

You Don't Know What You Don't Know by Zhou Xiaohu

“Most of our billionaires are selfish arseholes”, I told Sandra as we made our way in the elevator to the top floor of Sydney’s “White Rabbit” Gallery. In all honesty, it was probably a bit unfair, a bit of an unfounded generalisation. The point I was trying to make was that, while some of our […]

Crown Street, Surry Hills
Dawn O'Donnell - still taken from movie trailer

Years ago I remember watching a really fantastic documentary about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras called, Feed Them to the Cannibals. As I recall, the title was a reference to the words of an Australian government official, who was asked what he thought should be done with those engaging in homosexual behaviour in […]

The Big Commute

In all my working life, I’ve never really been a commuter. I’ve always lived reasonably close to work. So close that I’ve usually been able to walk, ride, or take a short drive. I think the longest commute I’ve ever made may have been four or five kilometres, when I lived in Paringa (a small […]