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The city where I live. I came here in 1995 “for a few years” to “advance my career”. I fell in love, stayed longer than expected. And then, I don’t know, suddenly it’s twenty years later. Although I still toy with the idea of moving back to the country, Sydney is increasingly “home”.

The Goods Line, Sydney
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The Goods Line

“You have to remember, Sydney is a city built on gullies and ridges”, I have said to many people over the years. It’s something that was first pointed out to me by a friend of a friend. And she was right. “If you ever get lost in Sydney, walk up to the top of the hill, and you’ll know instantly […]

Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney, Australia
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Hawkesbury River

Travelled through the Hawkesbury earlier today. Such a beautiful area. This photograph was captured with a mobile phone camera, held up against a dirty train window. So you can only begin to imagine what it might be like with a proper camera outside, enjoying the winter sunshine.

Deni Hines at The Midnight Shift
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Men Only

Ahead of meeting up with some mates for dinner tonight, I called in to The Midnight Shift on Sydney’s Oxford Street for a G&T. I’d arrived early, and I figured a G&T would be a nice way to kill 15 or 20 minutes. To my surprise, Deni Hines was also there. Although I “grew up” with Deni Hines, I’m more […]

Opera House and Bridge
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Beautiful Winter Day

Despite the crap weather we’ve had over the last few weeks, Sydney really turned it on today. It was a beautiful day – warm, but not too warm; cool, but not too cool – and so Sue and I spent the afternoon wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens. In between, we took in a tour of Government House (which was […]

Mr Crackles on Oxford Street
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Mr Crackles

Admit it, you have to say “Mr Crackles” sounds like a pretty dodgy name for somewhere to buy food. “Mr Crackles” sounds too much like “Mr Bubbles” who was an (in)famous paedophile in Australia, especially since it’s located on Sydney’s Oxford Street. In contrast, I’d heard very good things about “Mr Crackles” on Oxford Street, Sydney but had never consumed […]

The Barber Shop
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Drinking Gin at The Barber Shop

When someone says, “I don’t want to come across as a wanker from Melbourne because I actually come from a small town of 300 in country WA” you just know they’re gonna come across as a “wanker from Melbourne”. He failed to redeem himself as he proceeded to make generalisations about people from Sydney “wearing white shoes” and the like. […]

Vivid Sydney 2015
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Vivid Sydney 2015

It’s as the whole world is a photographer now. Or at least that’s what you might conclude from spending Friday night wandering around at The Vivid Festival at Sydney’s Circular Quay. I took a few photographs myself, of course. But for me, Vivid isn’t a photographic assignment. It’s a wonderful cultural experience. In my role at 702 ABC Sydney, I […]

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Peeing In Public

You don’t often get breaking news on this blog. But as I made my way to Taylor Square tonight I noticed something which I don’t think has been reported on the mainstream media. I noticed the sign at Taylor Square was now reporting the fine for peeing in public was $500. Months ago I noticed it was $200, so you […]

Panang Duck Curry at Longrain in Sydney
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Night Out in Sydney

It’s always a challenge finding terrific places to eat/drink for visitors to Sydney. You can rely on your local favourites (of course), but then you realise they lack a bit of the “wow” factor. There again, you can fall back on Sydney cliches with harbour views. When Robert and Sandra told me they would be in Sydney (visiting from Stockholm), […]

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Sunday Night at Stonewall

When I was in Brisbane the other week I walked past “The Alliance Hotel” on Boundary Street. As I peered through window, I noted it seems like a very modern “boutique” hotel these days. However, I remember it back in the 80s when it was a fairly down-market gay bar. “Down-market” is probably the wrong phrase to use, as it’s […]

Matthew Mitcham CD
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Twists and Turns – Matthew Mitcham

I think Matthew Mitcham is stalking me. I wish. On Tuesday we jockeyed for position in the coffee queue at the ABC cafe, ahead of his appearance on Midday Interview with Margaret Throsby. This afternoon, he was in the reception of 702 ABC Sydney, ahead of his appearance on “Thank God It’s Friday”. “I loved your show last night”, I […]

Quotes from Das Kapitaal
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4A’s Twilight Garden Party

These are some photographs from the 4A Gallery Chinese NY Event at Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship, held earlier tonight, featuring works by the visiting artist collective, Yangjiang Group. As noted by the burb on the 4A site… Celebrate the Chinese New Year with 4A and Chinese artist collective Yangjiang Group as they take over Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship! […]

Millers Point
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Millers Point

“We’re just trying to brighten up the area”, the woman who was painting a “mural” on the windows of a house in Sydney’s Millers Point told me, as I asked her if she minded if I took a photograph. Although I’d read and heard about the plan to relocate some Housing Commission residents from Millers Point, it wasn’t issue I […]

Craft Beer Tour
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Craft Beer Tour

“This tour combines two of my passions: history and beer”, our tour guide told us, as we began the Craft Beer Tour yesterday. I don’t recall exactly how I discovered the tour through Foodi, though it was possibly doing a search for “history and beer”, as they’re also passions of mine. The tour covered Sydney pubs such as The Hero […]

Friday arvo at Coogee
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Friday Afternoon at Coogee

So it’s Friday afternoon, you’re sitting at home in a t-shirt and shorts, and a friend texts you to say “I need a drink”. A tough week at work, apparently. So you agree to meet for a bite to eat, and can’t decide where to go. “Let’s go to the beach somewhere”, we decided, agreeing quickly on Coogee. “Of all […]

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant
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Worth the wait: Chinatown Noodle Restaurant on Quay Street

For many years I’ve been a fan of the two dumpling/noodle restaurants in the Burlington Centre in Sydney’s Chinatown. There’s the “popular one” (the one on the left) which always has a queue, and there’s the “less popular one” (on the right) where you can usually get a table fairly quickly. Both sell reasonably cheap, good quality dumplings and noodles. […]


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