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From 88 Documentary, image by Peter Solness
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88 Documentary

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned this post contains an image which may feature deceased persons. Thought I’d give a mention to a documentary my friend, Michaela Perske has produced and co-written called “88”. The documentary goes back to 1988, the year of the Australian Bicentenary, and tells the story of some of the many thousands of […]

Andrew Mercado introduces the Number 96 screening at Sky Bar.
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Number 96 Turns Forty

“The thing I’m most proud about Number 96 is that it saved lives”, David Sale told us at tonight’s fortieth anniversary screening of the legendary Australian television show. As the creator of the show, and as a gay man, he was speaking about the impact of the program’s character, Don Finlayson, on the large number of young gay men who […]

Scene from Laid from ABC1
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Television Saturday

Regular appearances by Sean Micallef could emerge as the only reason I don’t become totally addicted to “Laid”, the new black comedy on ABC 1. I don’t know why I don’t like him. I just don’t. Co-incidentally, the last time I truly loved a program and found my allegiances tested was when he became Laura’s love interest on “Seachange”. I […]

Embarassing illnesses
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Embarrassing illnesses

I don’t know if it’s my television viewing habits, or if it’s the summer season, but every time I turn on Channel 9 or Gem, there seems to be an episode of “Embarrassing Illnesses” (or one of the associated spin-off programs). Are they strip programming it at the moment? I can’t recall exactly the first time I saw one of […]

Sweet and Sour - The Takeaways
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Life Can Be Sweet And Sour

I’ve had a wonderfully nostalgic night listening to the soundtrack of the “cult” 1980s ABC-TV series, “Sweet and Sour”, released this week on CD. Somewhere in the garage I’m sure I have the original album on vinyl, which I used to listen to regularly, though this is probably the first time in over twenty years since I’ve heard the album […]

Swedish political debate on television
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Democracy in Action

After watching Q&A tonight, my attention turned to democracy in Sweden, as I watched a “leader’s debate” – or Duell, as they called it – ahead of next weekend’s general election there. If you’re interested, you can actually watch the debate with English commentary on the SVT website. In fact, it seems it was translated into several of the major […]

Bob Katter Taxi Driver
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Television Sunday

I’m checking out Twitter, I’m reading every newspaper article, I’m listening to the radio, and I’m watching a fair bit of television for even the slightest cue from the independents about when they’ll make a decision or announcement (it’s a professional interest for me at the moment). Although there’s speculation, and there’ll be some rumours, I doubt there’ll be an […]

Chris Uhlman and panelists on ABC News 24 today
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News Junkie

For the last twenty four hours I’ve been multi-tasking: listening to the radio, watching television and surfing the net. As I was working last night, I couldn’t swap around as much as I normally do on an election night which is a shame because there was a lot to choose from this year. Some years the commercial stations all but […]

Andrew Lincoln
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An Ode to Egg

I’ve just watched a reasonably early repeat episode of “Teachers” on ABC 2. In its early days it was a pretty good show. In fact, it was one of those shows which I watched every week. The glory days, of course, were when Andrew Lincoln played the character Simon. Actually, if I were to draw up a Top 5 or […]

Foxtel Card
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The Great Foxtel Challenge

It was another night of “The Great Foxtel Challenge”. I’m attempting to see if I can “give up” Foxtel for a week, with a view to ending my subscription. I’m doing it partly for economic reasons ($1000 per annum), and partly because my own viewing habits have changed somewhat. I first subscribed to Foxtel in about December 2004 when I […]

Late 80s pop band, Blue Mercedes
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Loads of TV

I was reminded tonight of a lot of songs I’d almost forgotten. Rage has been having a “wild card night” where they’ve been playing the strangest collection of songs from my early adulthood. “Love Is The Gun” by “Blue Mercedes” was one such song, though I was more of a fan of their other minor hit, “I Want To Be […]

Norma's Wine Bar
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Number 96

I’ve spent most of the day watching television: a combination of Fox News, CNN and Number 96. I’m totally addicted to coverage of the US election. It’s almost as gripping as an episode of the classic Australian soap opera. I was only 6 years old when Number 96 appeared on Australian television. When it premiered, it promised something completely new […]

Dave, the one whose name I cannot recall, Clayton
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Fox News Confession

There is an unfounded perception that pay television in Australia is nothing more than re-runs of American sit-coms. In the early days, that probably was the case, but I gotta tell you… in 2008… I love my Foxtel. I hardly ever watch free-to-air television these days. In fact, I recently removed the coaxial cable from the back of my television […]

Family Show

Blatant Advertising

A bit of blatant advertising for you, now, of a series coming up on SBS on Tuesday night, January 8. Two of the episodes in the series were produced by my friend Michaela. It will be fabulous…

Millsy On The Mint
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Late Nights

“I think it’s 148”, the first bloke said. He was followed by Maria who had called in earlier with the wrong answer. This time, however, she was absolutely convinced “the answer is 31”. And just now a bloke has declared emphatically “it’s 4”. Obviously it’s either far too cryptic or far too late, or maybe the audience is far too […]


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