Empty Vessell at The Giant Dwarf

“In the last twelve months two of the institutions I’ve given so much of my life and passion to have disappointed me deeply”, was the most memorable line from Kristina Keneally last night. The former NSW Premier was one of three guests for the “live chat show”, “The Empty Vessell” put by on by The […]

Charlie Hides as Cher

Charlie Hides has one of the funniest live shows I’ve seen in ages. He’s an English comedian – though originally from the United States – who dresses up and impersonates (with humour and affection) some of the great modern pop divas, including Cher, Madonna and Lady GaGa. For the last couple of years, I’ve been […]

Photographer - Unsure, but looks like a theatre publicity shot. Happy to credit if I can find out the photographer.

“Meet the gang cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you…” Nearly forty years after having first watched “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”, the 1970s BBC sit-com, I can still remember and sing-a-long with the opening theme song. Having spent most of my formative years just a few feet away from a 26″ […]


“It’s a by-product of the NBN”, I was told by the woman running Lime Designs, an arts/crafts gift store at Salamanca Place. When I asked her what she was weaving the small basket with, she told me she had literally hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres of telephone wire at her home. The wire was […]

I Love Musicals

There was a moment of pure joy this morning at work when I noticed a package from Sweden in my in-tray. A few weeks ago on a whim I purchased t-shirt promoting the new album for Peter Jöback. Peter’s name is a little hard to find, being found only the sleeve of the t-shirt. Instead, […]


In the midst of all the posters on Götgatan (the main street of Södermalm) promoting concerts, festivals, comedy nights, and dance clubs, there was one I saw the other week which really stood out. In contrast to the all the other posters which were very “busy”, this poster portrayed a single image of twenty-something woman […]

Driving Miss Daisy

Sometimes when you go to the theatre, and there’s a standing ovation, you feel as though the audience was just being polite. There’s a legendary performer on stage, and they’ve done a good show, and so some hard core fans in the front row will jump to their feet, and through peer pressure, often reluctantly […]

A Chorus Line at Sydney's Capitol Theatre

It’s twenty-four hours later and I’ve still got the song stuck in my head…………. Even though I’ve known the song, “What I Did For Love” since childhood, I’ve never previously connected it with the musical, “A Chorus Line”. For me, it was always a torch song about love and all of that stuff. I’d never […]

James O'Brien and Jacqui Conroy/Yelland on stage at the Chaffey Theatre, Renmark

Having previously blogged about “my life on stage” during my time living in Renmark, another reminder has surfaced this week. While living there, I also hosted both a fashion parade at the Berri Hotel, and the Riverland Dance Showcase at the Chaffey Theatre. My friend, Jacqui was the person behind both events, and this week, […]

Still from video uploaded to Youtube by SongsForNobodies

“Why are there so many people here?”, one of my friends asked. “It’s simple”, I said, “Summer has finally arrived in Sydney”. We were desperately looking for a table at Opera Bar at the Sydney Opera House, where we had tickets to see Bernadette Robinson. Our table of four was lucky enough to score a […]

The Temperamentals at Sydney's New Theatre

I left the house reasonably early today, and didn’t get home until about ten-thirty tonight. When I left the house, it was fine and sunny and I was wearing shorts, thongs and a polo-shirt; and when I arrived home, I was still wearing shorts, thongs and a polo-shirt, but Sydney was in the midst of […]

Flyer for Hat's Off 2012

We had a brilliant night at Hats Off, the annual “Smörgåsbord” of Australan musical theatre at the Seymour Centre. Amongst the highlights for us both were: * Two English Gents – two blokes in bowler hats and suits (who later stripped off to Union Jack boxer shorts, and to reveal quite remarkable bodies) who performed […]

William Zappa in Explicit Material

When you go to the theatre on a Friday night, at the end of a busy week, you can sometimes struggle to keep your eyes from closing and your mind wandering. You’re tired, the play isn’t maybe all that interesting, and there’s something about the environment of a theatre which can make you a little […]

Jersey Boys

My heart almost broke when the guy plying Franki Valli sang “My Eyes Adored You”. It’s a song I haven’t heard in years and had almost completely forgot existed. And then when it came on, I was transported back in time… My eyes adored you Though I never laid a hand on you, My eyes […]

Hairspray at Lyric Theatre in Sydney

For a few months now, Colin and I have been trying to find a day and time that suited us both to see “Hairspray – The Musical“, currently at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre. I’d seen the original movie years ago with Divine, Sonny Bono, Ricki Lake and so on, and Colin had seen the John Travolta […]