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A Chorus Line at Sydney's Capitol Theatre
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What I Did For Love

It’s twenty-four hours later and I’ve still got the song stuck in my head…………. Even though I’ve known the song, “What I Did For Love” since childhood, I’ve never previously connected it with the musical, “A Chorus Line”. For me, it was always a torch song about love and all of that stuff. I’d never realised the “love” in the […]

James O'Brien and Jacqui Conroy/Yelland on stage at the Chaffey Theatre, Renmark
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Life On Stage

Having previously blogged about “my life on stage” during my time living in Renmark, another reminder has surfaced this week. While living there, I also hosted both a fashion parade at the Berri Hotel, and the Riverland Dance Showcase at the Chaffey Theatre. My friend, Jacqui was the person behind both events, and this week, she uploaded to Facebook a […]

Still from video uploaded to Youtube by SongsForNobodies
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Bernadette Robinson

“Why are there so many people here?”, one of my friends asked. “It’s simple”, I said, “Summer has finally arrived in Sydney”. We were desperately looking for a table at Opera Bar at the Sydney Opera House, where we had tickets to see Bernadette Robinson. Our table of four was lucky enough to score a table early enough so we […]

The Temperamentals at Sydney's New Theatre
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Temperamental Sydney

I left the house reasonably early today, and didn’t get home until about ten-thirty tonight. When I left the house, it was fine and sunny and I was wearing shorts, thongs and a polo-shirt; and when I arrived home, I was still wearing shorts, thongs and a polo-shirt, but Sydney was in the midst of a torrential rain storm. We […]

Flyer for Hat's Off 2012
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Hats Off 2012

We had a brilliant night at Hats Off, the annual “Smörgåsbord” of Australan musical theatre at the Seymour Centre. Amongst the highlights for us both were: * Two English Gents – two blokes in bowler hats and suits (who later stripped off to Union Jack boxer shorts, and to reveal quite remarkable bodies) who performed some amazing acrobatic acts. See […]

William Zappa in Explicit Material
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Explicit Material

When you go to the theatre on a Friday night, at the end of a busy week, you can sometimes struggle to keep your eyes from closing and your mind wandering. You’re tired, the play isn’t maybe all that interesting, and there’s something about the environment of a theatre which can make you a little sleepy. I certainly didn’t feel […]

Jersey Boys
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Jersey Boys

My heart almost broke when the guy plying Franki Valli sang “My Eyes Adored You”. It’s a song I haven’t heard in years and had almost completely forgot existed. And then when it came on, I was transported back in time… My eyes adored you Though I never laid a hand on you, My eyes adored you Like a million […]

Hairspray at Lyric Theatre in Sydney
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For a few months now, Colin and I have been trying to find a day and time that suited us both to see “Hairspray – The Musical“, currently at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre. I’d seen the original movie years ago with Divine, Sonny Bono, Ricki Lake and so on, and Colin had seen the John Travolta version, which I’d never bothered […]

Terminus by STC
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Terminus @ Sydney Opera House

A couple of friends and I went to see “Terminus” at the Sydney Opera House this afternoon, a current production by the Sydney Theatre Company. It’s one of those plays you spend half the time wondering where it’s going, where a number of different stories are told, and you spend half of the play wondering if they’ll link up in […]

Mary Poppins at Capitol Theatre in Sydney
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Mary Poppins

There’s a scene in the current Australian production (and presumably the other international productions) that is without doubt the climax of the show. I won’t tell you what happens – though you can probably guess – since I don’t want to spoil the magic of the moment in case you’re planning to see the show which has already run in […]

Belinda Jombwe in My Wonderful Day
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Wonderful Day

There’s a young actor called Belinda Jombwe who is in the play, “My Wonderful Day” currently at The Ensemble Theatre in Sydney who is terrific. Although she is probably in her early 20s, she plays the role of a nine year old who has taken the day off school which she intends to spend with her mother who cleans houses. […]

Smoke and Mirrors at Seymour Centre
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Smoke and Mirrors

It was a really good day. Work was enjoyable and interesting. Late in the afternoon I went to farewell drinks for a colleague. This was followed by a great night of theatre, and then some wonderful late night supper. Does it get any better? Theatre? Colin and I went to see “Smoke and Mirrors” at the Seymour Centre. Even though […]

Tom Ballard, Boy and Bear
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Heckler Hell

When thirty-something Kelly came up and asked if she could have the spare seats at our table, my mate and I looked at each and agreed quickly she could. When she asked if she and her friend could join us, or should they take them away, we looked at each other, hesitated briefly, and then agreed that would be fine. […]

Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker publicity shot
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Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker

As soon as I saw it advertised, I booked tickets straight away. It was an evening at one of my favourite cabaret bars in Sydney – Bar Me – featuring one of my favourite cabaret singers – Tim Draxl – doing the works of one of my favourite jazz musicians – Chet Baker – so how could I go wrong? […]

Foyer photographs for Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica
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Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica

As we arrived in the theatre foyer tonight, I noticed a small poster on the wall for Felicity Urquhart. Felicity is an Australian country music singer who I work with. So in addition to the slight buzz of seeing her poster on the wall, there was also a slight sense of confusion. Minutes later I understood why, as she, Gina […]

Greek Theatre at Marrickville
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Sunday at The Greek

It’s a “friend of a friend story” of how I came to discover the Greek Theatre at Marrickville today. The friend of a friend was the lead (only) female actor in the play “Havana, Harlem” (part of the Sydney Fringe Festival). The premise for the play is a behind-the-scenes fictionalised account of Fidel Castro’s 1960 address to the United Nations. […]


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