Not being a woman and never having worn a dress – if you exclude some brief experimentation when I was about five in the “Wendy House” at kindergarten – I didn’t know this was a problem. But last night at the Hilton I actually laughed out loud when I saw this sign on the escalator. […]

I’m not normally one for these meme thingys, but this one on Cellobella’s blog caught my attention. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in a youth hostel in Prague uploading photographs and have nothing better than to do with my time. I mean, I am composing a blog in my mind about the fascinating people around […]

OK, so this is a test post more than anything. I’m keen to look further at the practicalities of mobile blogging during my trip using my fabulous new computer. So far I’ve taken a pic on my phone and shrunk it accordingly. My next thing is to upload the pic. That wasn’t too bad. Overall […]

When I read in the paper yesterday you could go along to the Australian Idol auditions at the Australian Technology Park at Redfern, and it was free, I thought to myself, “Why not?” Although I haven’t regularly followed the program, I thought it could be a bit of fun to see what happened behind the […]

You know how some people hate trains? They just can’t stand travelling on them. They think they’re dirty and smelly. That, or they hate the timetables, or they don’t go in the right direction. Or they fear for their safety after a certain hour at night. Well, I actually quite like trains. But there’s one […]

I had a drink tonight with a mate who shall remain nameless. Used with permission is this photograph of the DOUBLE MISTAKE he made in getting dressed today. Oddly enough, he only discovered this after a day out and about on the town. “Why didn’t anyone say anything?”, he asked rhetorically.

It’s late in the afternoon and, unfortunately, I can’t leave work just yet. I’d love to be at the pub right now, but I’ve got to hang around until about 6.15 for various reasons. And although I could be doing something productive, I’ve decided to just catch up on my blog. It’s been a busy […]

I was at the Lewisham Hotel with Graeme and John last night (and a few others) when all of a sudden my eyes were drawn to the poster on the wall. It was a “signed” tour poster featuring Sammy Davis Junior, Liza Minelli and Frank Sinatra. The most obvious thing about the poster was that […]

You know how when you feel you’re suddenly a grown up and you’re in complete control of your life? And you find yourself making grown-up decisions that affect not only yourself but other people too? And all of the baggage of your early life, including how you feel about yourself and how your friends and […]

I have never really been “political” on this blog. Aside from the occasional motherhood statement about peace being a good thing, and how we should all get on together, I have remained fairly neutral. In part, it’s because I blog with my own name and work for an organisation where it is important to be […]

From the phone calls I have been receiving at work, I knew it was a full moon even before I snapped this photograph at Taylor Square.

I have a great new phone. It’s got a great camera, terrific video quality, interweb access, and a great mp3 player. I love it! Make a call? Well, I had to read 84 pages of the manual before I was instructed about to make a phone call…

OK, so I have been tagged by Cellobella. And while I am normally not very good at these meme things, I thought this one was short enough and interesting enough to try. So here you are : Seven Weird Facts About Me… 1. I have three first names. Two grandfathers and a saint. 2. I […]

Christmas getting all a bit much for you? Worried you can’t deliver all of those presents on time? And suddenly you’ve found yourself in the front yard of a house in Sydney along with a range of OTHER Christmas paraphernalia. There’s only one option…