Vapen och ammunition

I’ve spent the night listening to the wonderful album, “Vapen och ammunition” by the Swedish pop/rock band, Kent. Given the news events of the last few days, it’s interesting that “Vapen och ammunition” translates as “Weapons and ammunition”. Perhaps subconsciously, it was an album that I was drawn to because of the title, though more […]

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One of the really terrific parts of my job is that I get to meet some really interesting people who I would otherwise not meet in my normal day to day life. Such is the case of Michael K. Chin. He’s a composer and DJ from Sydney who appeared at Parramasala on the weekend. He […]

Feeling a bit grumpy as it’s only Tuesday? Hopefully this will brighten your life a little…

You’re feeling a bit grumpy about going back to work after a long weekend? Here’s some pure joy…

Graeme and I went out for a drink tonight to “The Shift”, as one of our favourite common interests is a bit of the retro music. Unfortunately tonight, the usual Sunday night retro thing gave way to some more modern tunes, as seems to be the long-weekend tradition there. For whatever reason, and maybe they’re […]

So how did I spend Good Friday? After a few drinks with Graeme last night I came home, hit the sack, and woke early. I went for a wander around today, and even had a bit to eat at Hingara. While the rest of Sydney went into “quiet mode” Chinatown was pumping. But most of […]

So you thought I was only interested in Swedish pop? I like Finnish folk-pop, also. Here’s an example of the work of the Finnish group Värttinä who I’ve enjoyed for a number of years. In other news, I met Therese Rein today at work, and assisted with a brief tour (20 minutes) of my workplace. […]

I don’t exactly know how it happened, but it’s happened: sometime in the last week or so I became addicted to Swedish pop-jazz-rock group, Bo Kaspers Orkester. This, of course, replaces my previous week’s addition to the work of Swedish pop singer, Magnus Carlsson. One of the things I really love about Magnus is his […]

Here’s a song I heard while on holidays which I’ve been listening to a fair deal since I’ve been back. The song is by a French singer, Mylene Farmer. Without oversimplifying, think Madonna, think Kate Bush, think Kylie, think Tori Amos. This song was the first release from her current album which topped the French […]

BWO perform at Allsang pa Skansen

You know how when you’re on a holiday you hear a song and it gets stuck in your head? These are the songs for me… They’re either current tracks I’ve heard and have really liked, or they’re oldies which have come into my mind for more obvious reasons. Place: Stockholm Song: Live Forever Artist: Magnus […]

As I prepare for my big European trip, I thought I’d share with you clips of my recent (last year or so) favourite Swedish pop songs. Two are in English, three are in Swedish. Kleerup feat. Titiyo – Longing for lullabies: I first heard about Kleerup through his work with Robyn. He’s a Swedish DJ […]

“Have you ever seen the cover of the Shine album by Frida?”, I said to my friend Andrew this afternoon. As soon as I’d finished asking the question, I instantly recognised the obscurity of the popular cultural reference I’d just asked him to consider. Of course he replied no, but still laughed when I observed […]

Robyn at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Australia

Until my friend Patrick messaged me the other week, asking if I wanted to go see her perform live in Sydney, I had only a vague knowledge of Swedish pop star, Robyn. In the intervening period, I visited her myspace and listened to a few songs which I thought were really quite good. It was […]

As you may have heard, the people of Newcastle have experienced strong winds and flooding in the last day. I just spoke with my friend Kate in Newcastle to make sure she’s okay and she is, although she has lost quite a few windows and her backyard is covered in glass. Although she lives right […]