Sunday Afternoon

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just gotten out of bed. I went to bed quite late last night and although I half-watched “The Insiders” on ABC-TV this morning, I only really woke up a short while ago.

I’ve just put a load of washing on and so I thought I’d take a moment or two to update my diary before heading off for drinks this afternoon.

I spent Tuesday night, as per usual, watching “The Bill” and then surfing the net. I chatted for a while with Patrick and did some family history research. I came across a website set up by one of the grand-daughters of the couple I grew up next to, the Bown Family. We used to live next to (other side of the shed) to Eric Bown as a child, along with mum, dad and my grandmother. As a child I used to help feed their chooks. My uncle still lives in the house in Casino Street. I wrote a note to her saying “hello” and mentioning that I’m also reasonably sure I came across a reference to Eric in a couple of book about Lynch’s Creek in the State Library “Dairy farming at Lynch’s Creek” and “Lynch’s Creek : one hundred years of settlement 1890 to 1990”.

Much the same on Wednesday night. I’ve been trying to work on a makeover for my website again… boring eh? Anyway, I recently registered which I think is quite a respectable and long-term address to have and one which I obtained as a result of a free offer. I am quite enjoying the free offer and am thinking seriously about subscribing so I wrote to the company just asking if they could clarify one aspect of the offer. The documentation mentions that on fully subscribing for $99 p.a. I would receive an increase in photo storage space from 20mb up to 100mb. I’m not sure, however, if that means my space would have the capacity to host up to 100mb of any types of files, or would that only be 100mb of photographs WITHIN ThePhotoGallery? So I wrote to them, asking, and if what I hope is correct is true I will probably transfer all my websites over into one mega site.

After that I watched television for a while. SBS screened a fabulous Swedish film called “Lust och fägring stor” (All Things Fair) about a young boy who falls in love (for a while) with his dysfunctional school teacher. The young boy is played by Johan Widerberg, who I thought was excellent in the role.

Sue and I also discussed for a while planning for our School Reunion, Sue mentioning that Graeme Smith had written back to her, along with details for Anne Nelson. At the moment, we’re planning to have a get together on the Saturday evening/night of November 15, meeting here because there are lots of food and pub options within walking distance and because people can sleep over. I’ve promised to polish off my copy of “Muriels Wedding” for long play performance during the night. So the plan is that we’ll meet here at 6pm – we can organise some dinner (take away or restaurant) – and then do some cyber stalking to find people or to plan stuff. It should be good fun.

On Friday night, Damo and I met up at the Trinity Hotel for dinner, drinks and photo sharing. We had a good time chatting, although I was a little tired. Damo told me heaps of stories about his trip and was mostly happy with the photographs which I picked out. Nino walked past with his parents and waved hello.

Last night, of course, was spent at home watching “The Bill”.

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