Pondering My Future

It’s Sunday night and I’m listening to Triple J. Honestly, I haven’t listened to Triple J in years, since I’ve mostly found their musical selections to be quite boring. But tonight, I’m enjoying the music. I must be getting old!

Let me start, first of all, by talking about my trip to Melbourne. It was two and a half packed days talking about work things that I really can’t discuss in such a public forum. And besides, you’d probably be bored. So, I’ll tell you about the social aspects instead which began with being picked up at the airport and with dinner with Sue on Monday night at a fabulous Nepalese restaurant in Prahran. And then on Tuesday night, my work colleagues and I went to a terrific restaurant called The Deanery, located in Bligh Place. The meal was terrific and the wine selection was excellent. Given that we had representatives from all states of Australia, each of those of us from the wine producing states were asked to select some local favourites which seemed to work out pretty well. A really good venue with a well-considered design. And since we had a room to ourselves, we were able to keep ourselves nice without worrying the other patrons.

It’s been a reasonably busy few days since arriving back from Melbourne.

I spent a bit of yesterday in at work preparing a job application. With just four months to go I need to think of my future. And while I’d happily go back to my old job there’s another job coming up back home which I’ve decided to apply for and will see what happens.

Yes, it’s just four months to go and the next few months will be reasonably busy both with work and with visitors. Sue, Damien and Colin all have firms plans to visit Perth. I’ve also just had an email from Damien about tagging on a trip to Broome to his visit. He wrote

I’ve just had another weekend in Anna Bay (near Nelson Bay), and realised yet again how much I love travelling. If you can arrange three nights accomodation, then I’ll be there!

So the plan would have him arriving during the last week of October for a few days at Margaret River followed by a few days at Broome.

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