It’s Friday night and I’ve just spent the last twenty four hours in Melbourne. I’m a bit tired, but I’ll do my best to update you with my existence since I last wrote, last Saturday afternoon.
Last Saturday night, you might recall, I went along to a dinner party hosted by a couple of friends, John and James, which was an informal celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Cook Islands independence. James is from the Cook Islands and has lived in Australia for many many years, all of his immediate family now live in Australia. Nonethless, he maintains strong contacts with the island and with the island community here in Australia. One of the highlights was that James organised a couple of Cook Islands dancers – male and female – who performed for us. It was a really great night.

On Sunday afternoon, Colin and I went to see a new French film Me and My Sister. At the heart of the film is the seemingly dysfunctional relationship between Martine (played by Isabelle Huppert) and Louise (played by Catherine Frot). Martine lives in Paris, is wealthy, and is very “cool”, but ultimately unsatisfied with with her life. Her sister, Louise, who lives in Le Mans and is all a bit “rural” has come to Paris to visit her and to meet a publisher, as she has written a book about various aspects of her life. Although it seems the source of their dysfunctional relationship is the very different lives they lead, it’s really about how they have reacted differently to their childhood with an alcoholic mother. Despite this, and although I hate the phrase, it’s a “feel good” movie, it is that… but with more depth. Highly recommended.

On Monday night, a group of us caught up to celebrate Kate’s bitthday at BBQ King which is one of those great Sydney institutions where the food is great, but the decor is terrible and the service, while fast, is abrupt. The group of people – five of us in total – are a reasonably interesting bunch and we had a really great night chatting about this and that, especially travelling. One of those attending was a well known photographer who has travelled extensively and who spoke about the different cultural norms associated with having photographs taken. Another, Wendy, is heading off to spend the next couple of years in China. Wow, what great adventurism… I wish I had that same spirit!

And then on Tuesday night I went to the Sydney Blogger Meetup. As I left work I mentioned to everyone what I was going to. Although everyone smiled and feigned interest, I also sense one of those “oh we really love you James, but you do have some odd things about you” looks. As usual, Mark, Spleenie and Glen were there, but so too were Glen’s girlfriend and Amanda. I think the fact that we’re all getting to know each other a little better now meant that it was pretty informal. As Mark has observed there was lots of boozing, pool and laughter. And also a bit of flirting with the bar staff. Looking forward to the next one!
I also spent a night this week in Melbourne, as I had to travel there for work. Sue and I caught up and chatted, as usual about life, the universe and everything.

Work remains busy, but good.

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