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Executive Suite
Executive Suite
At the age of forty, I’ve recently started wearing a suit to work. Working in a “creative industry”, I’ve always tended to dress for comfort. Even over the last couple of years working in management, I’ve tended to dress nicely, but never regularly wearing a suit.

And then a few months ago, I had to wear a suit to work one day. The result was a range of really positive comments of how good I looked, how much it made me “look the part”, and how it made me look thinner. And so I’ve been doing it ever since.

But rather than spend a fortune on new shirts and ties, I went to a fantastic second hand store on the corner of Broadway and Glebe Point Road and bought a whole bunch of both for a total of less than $20. Good value, eh? Even better value than the famous Marj Simpson Chanel suit. The woman behind the counter had also told a colleague another woman had recently bought a whole new wardrobe for work for a total of less than $250. How many other middle managers have done the same?

Despite the second hand clothing, which I’ve openly discussed with some colleagues, people DO tend to take me a little more seriously and people DO tend to respond more favourably to what I have to say. Odd, isn’t it?

This photograph of me was snapped the other day, part of a much larger photograph taken at Parramatta Westfield. I kinda like it because it isn’t posed, it’s quite natural, and I guess for the first time it gave me a chance to see what I look like in the workplace now.

Does my bum look fat in this?

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