Physically Enduring

I went to the launch last night of an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, part of the joint 75-year celebrations for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the ABC. The exhibition featured forty photographs from a total of 700,000 in the ABC’s Archive, curated to portray the history of the ABC in Sydney. I personally found the exhibition very good, as it portrays old radio and television studios and outside broadcast vans. But it also shows the ABC reporting on major events in the history of Sydney.

And then, this morning, it was an early rise to climb the Harbour Bridge. Work-wise, we’re doing quite a bit to celebrate the anniversary of the bridge, so it was necessary to actually climb to the top of the bridge to see what we needed to do to organise the broadcast. Lots of OH&S issues to be confronted, let me tell you. But aside from that, it was a great experience.

And then tonight I went to the launch of this year’s Archibald Prize. The first time, actually, I’ve been to the night-time launch, as opposed to the lunchtime media event. Gosh it was busy, and gosh the crowd was noisy, and therefore rude, chatting away while the speeches were underway. I thought the winning portrait by by John Beard was excellent, but I also enjoyed the portrait of Bob Carr, with its 1960s pop art styling.

So overall, it’s been another busy twenty-four hours in my life, having attended the launch of two exhibitions and having climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and having gone to work in between, all of which were physically enduring in their own particular way.

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