McElhone Place

You know you’re bored, or you know you’re desperate for something you read when you read junk mail from “City of Sydney”. It’s not as if it’s lacking, though, since I receive quite a few letters from “City Of Sydney” each week. But anyway, I picked up the brochure this morning about the 2007 Gardening Competition (May 21-June 27) and was inspired to read it. Well you know we boys do have to read in the toilet!

As I don’t have a garden myself, I decided to go for a walk down my favourite street, McElhone Place instead. It’s a great little street directly parallel to Fitzroy Street where the residents have banded together to ban cars and to decorate their former-slum-street with beautiful gardens. The result has been a physically beautiful street, and one which has a great sense of community pride.


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