You know you’re bored, or you know you’re desperate for something you read when you read junk mail from “City of Sydney”. It’s not as if it’s lacking, though, since I receive quite a few letters from “City Of Sydney” each week. But anyway, I picked up the brochure this morning about the 2007 Gardening Competition (May 21-June 27) and was inspired to read it. Well you know we boys do have to read in the toilet!

As I don’t have a garden myself, I decided to go for a walk down my favourite street, McElhone Place instead. It’s a great little street directly parallel to Fitzroy Street where the residents have banded together to ban cars and to decorate their former-slum-street with beautiful gardens. The result has been a physically beautiful street, and one which has a great sense of community pride.

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5 thoughts on “McElhone Place

  1. I think most junk mail gets read on the loo if at all. Probably not the best way for Woolies and Coles to advertise food! :P

    That street looks lovely – it must be great in spring/early summer when everything is out.

  2. Wow.. that is quite pretty. A garden competition in the inner city? Novel :-)
    My boy is trying his best to revive our garden… our front looks like a botanist’s dream, but the backyard a botanist’s nightmare. You can blame the labrador for that!

  3. Hmmm… what happened to the Big Brother post that popped up on my feed reader? Anyway, I just stopped by to say I’m obviously not missing anything BB07wise by not being in Aus. And also you’re not missing anything by not being able to see BB series 8 in the UK which started tonight. Give me the aussie contestants anyday. (which doesn’t say heaps about their UK counterparts I know, but at least they can sort of string a few words together, like, y’know, obviously!)

  4. Gus – A garden is the one of the things I miss living in an apartment. I used to have a garden when I lived in the country. Beautifully planted. Well chosen plants. Great stuff. Last time I was in Wagga I noticed the people living there now have kept all the plans. The bay tree must be now over 12 feet tall!

    Tom – I wrote the BB post and the deleted it. I didn’t think it was up to my usual high blog standards. Actually, I wrote it, published it, and then re-read it (in my reader), and I thought I sounded like a total loser. Or maybe it was government censorship? Heheehh

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