Wet Wet Wet

Checking the Sydney Festival website, they’re saying “Symphony In The Domain” will go ahead despite the wet weather. Damo and I were going to attend, and I’m sure it would have been terrific, but he’s a bit sick at the moment, and I have a bit of an aversion to sustained wet weather. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the rain, and I went out this afternoon to purposely “get wet” but I just don’t like spending several hours in a muddy paddock.

Summer Rain in Sydney

I was reminded this week of the two occasions where I’ve lived in places where it hasn’t rained for quite some time. The first occasion was when I lived at Bourke in Western NSW. The first time I saw rain was four or five months after I arrived there. The absolute delight in walking out of the house and getting soaking wet was something I shared with a fair percentage of the town on that day. We were all beginning to get a little strung-out, to say the least.

The most recent time I remember having gone without rain for several months was when I lived in Perth. After three months or so of living in the town I vividly remember the distinctive smell of rain on bitumen on a Sunday afternoon. Once again, I was out there in the rain getting soaking wet. In fact, I sat on the balcony of my apartment for over half an hour or so just enjoying the rain.

But tonight, I won’t be venturing out. I’ve been beavering away at planning for my trip and some family history research throughout the day. And despite the bathroom needing a good clean, I think I’ll stay here, get myself some take-away, have a glass of wine, and dream about travelling overseas later this year.

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