It’s Sunday night and, with just four weeks until I finish work, my head is starting to spin.

I’ve been for a trip to the supermarket tonight to purchase my special “travel pack” of toiletries. I’ve got everything except razor blades. Oh, I do hope they have my favourite brand of Gilette Razors in Europe! And I did my second “pretend pack” and everything seems to fit.

I’ve also begun to think about how I’m gonna spend all those hours on the plane getting there. I’m an EXCELLENT long distance sleeper and I could easily do the standing up sleep commute they do in Japan.

But I get bored easily and I’m not very good at reading on planes. Actually I am quite good, but I read very quickly, so I’m worried I’m gonna have to take half my book-case with me.

So just in case I’ve begun to look through my mp3 collection. I think I’m gonna go predominantly with talking books in preference to music. Although I’m gonna have some signature tunes to listen to on arrival such as “I Love Paris” and “Stockholm i natt”, I think the books will be best for the long flights, as I can have someone gently read me to sleep.

I hope I don’t snore too much on the plane and I hope I get to sit next to someone nice.

Oh, and I’ve been checking out the value of the Australian dollars against the US Dollar, the Euro and the Swedish Kronor.

To those of you with a better financial brain than mine, how does it look? I need the AUD squiggly line to keep going down, don’t I? Should I try a last minute currency trade in Yen?

Damien recommends travellers cheques as well as cards. Anything else I should think about?


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