Long Dresses

Long Dreses and Escalators - Hilton Hotel, Sydney
Long Dreses and Escalators - Hilton Hotel, Sydney
Not being a woman and never having worn a dress – if you exclude some brief experimentation when I was about five in the “Wendy House” at kindergarten – I didn’t know this was a problem.

But last night at the Hilton I actually laughed out loud when I saw this sign on the escalator.

The first thought that went through my mind was “obviously it’s happened to someone”. Clearly, I thought to myself, some poor woman has jumped on the escalator and her dress has gotten caught. And that’s why they’ve had to put up the warning sign, I pondered.

“Did the escalator get stuck?”, I thought to myself. “Or did her dress just get sucked away”, I wondered.

As I’m going to another event at the Hilton next Friday night – with lots of women wearing long-dresses – I’ll keep an eye out for things and report back, I promise.

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