Thinking Of Stockholm

Stockholm i natt
Stockholm i natt
I came home from work today feeling pretty shitty. In fact, as soon as I got here, I went straight to bed for a bit of a lie down.

That it was a stressful day actually makes little sense. Sure, there were the early morning phone calls (far too early). Sure, everyone was a little bit “full moon” if you know what I mean. But I honestly don’t know why I felt so tired and grumpy when I walked in the door. And then I was reminded of Stockholm.

I didn’t get all sentimental. I didn’t start looking at photographs. But I did remember something which happened to me there which I hope will continue to be an inspiration in life. I remembered how I managed to get myself out of that awful cycle of negativity that affects so many of us so often. You take time out, you try to turn the mind set around, and then you move on.

I first recognised this one day in Stockholm when I was having a particularly shitty day. I’d gotten lost several times. No one seemed able to understand me. And I think the weather was pretty awful too.

So I got back to my room and started writing a blog post about my day.

Half way through the post I recognised how awful and negative I was being. At that point I said to myself “stop this”. So I left the hostel and went out again with a view to making sure the day ended on a more positive note. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I had loads of fun and realised the power of taking a moment out of my life and saying “I’m not gonna waste my life with anger and negativity”.

Unfortunately I failed to do that today. I never really had the chance (nor the inclination) to do something about it, although I recognised the position I’d found myself in.

It wasn’t until I was on the way home that I thought about turning things around. I could have gone for a walk. I could have done something a little more interesting. But as it was, I just had a little lie down for a while. And now I’m up and about and I feel a lot better.

I’m not really sure if watching “The Howard Years” on ABC1 is gonna make me feel much better, but I can always listen to some Swedish pop and look at those photographs of my recent travel. And more lastingly, hopefully, I can always remember it’s possible to turn things around by just taking a moment or two to reflect and look for something better.

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  1. Sometimes a little lie down can turn your day around just as much as a walk or a blog post!

  2. If in doubt, plan the next holiday! :)

    I’ve recorded the Howard Years to watch later on. It got good reviews on the 5 minutes of Richard Glover’s show this arvo that I caught in the car! :)

  3. You’re way behind the times. I’ve been thinking about the next holidays for ages. You listen to 702? I never do… :)

  4. Patrick, you’re right about the little lie down. A huge difference. But you should also never under-estimate the power of some Swedish pop!

  5. I find that a daytime lie down only makes me feel drowsy and worse later.

    I like your idea of turning things around with some positive activity.

  6. sometimes a short lie down does work wonders, that five minutes of laying in a comfy, calm spot is fantastic. Sometimes I have a quick shower and that helps to wash away the crap and get over it.

  7. Victor – I’m the kind of power naps. I reckon I could live in Japan and be one of those people who sleeps standing up on trains.

    Tom – did you know the average radio listener has 2.1 stations. There’s two stations they zip between (with complementary content), and one obscure station they go to just very occasionally?

    Amanda – thanks for the link. I’d already received it via email from a few sources though. Why did people think I’d be interested? :)

    Nicole – agree totally about the shower, especially if combined with a good face scrub.

    MsCherryLane – hehehe. I haven’t heard any of Lisa since Gladiator, but thought that was good stuff.

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