Festival Party

“Did you see Grace Jones” was the most popular conversation opener at last night’s “Sydney Festival Opening Night Party” at Hyde Park Barracks.

Damo and I arrived there just after eleven. Quite early really, as the main crowd didn’t really arrive until about 11.30. Once inside, we had a bite to eat, a drink, and a wander around to see who we knew. Whenever we met someone there was the obligatory review of Grace Jones’ performance, with all of them overwhelmingly positive.

The design for the party this year – with a backyard theme, complete with hills hoists – was great fun. The hills hoists, though, were quickly denuded of their tea-towels and festival t-shirts (“How very Sydney”, a friend commented). And related to that theme, there were BBQ sausages, which were very, very tasty.

The music this year didn’t do all that much for me, nor quite a few of my friends. “It’s FESTIVAL music”, one said with a derisiory tone. “ADELAIDE festival music”, he added. Another said, “Just because it’s in French doesn’t make it interesting…” Harsh! Still, the DJ’s were pretty good, with a heavily 60s/70s funk/soul influence in the music they played, though almost all of it was very contemporary. And although I didn’t make it to the dance floor (unlike last year), we had a good time soaking up the atmosphere.

And we left at about 2.00am remarkably sober. Middle-age must be catching up with me.

After waking up reasonably late at about 10.30, it’s been a fairly quiet day. I went out and bought a new fridge yesterday which Damo helped me get out of the box, install, and remove the old one. After a brief visit to the supermarket, and a quick bite to eat I’ve spent the day watching some television. I started to watch “Milk” featuring Sean Penn, but fell asleep on the couch after about half-an-hour. What I saw was quite good, I guess I was just a little tired this afternoon from the night before.

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