You’ll Never See Me Again

I came home from work a little bit early this afternoon.

I figure I’ll be on the receiving end of a few work-related phone calls over the weekend – due to the heat and potential bushfire conditions – so I figured an early mark was in order.

And so I’ve arrived home, stripped off (well, not completely), sat down with a glass of wine, and have decided to do my best to get my blog up to date. I’ve been neglecting things over the last few days. So if I’m not completely up to date tonight, I soon will be.

It’s nice to be home. The birds are singing in the trees. There’s a lovely breeze to compensate for the heat. And life is pretty good.

Actually, it was quite an interesting day at work. Solved a few problems. Dealt with a few situations. Had a couple of creative ideas. What more could you want for a Friday?

Most notably, I got to meet a bloke (briefly) called Nick Pigott who gave a talk to a group of us entitled, “Radio For The Facebook Generation”. Interesting stuff, especially since it dove-tailed nicely with something I’m doing at work at the moment.

He had lots of interesting things to say. Very entertaining and interesting.

I looked at his new black eee pc with a degree of jealousy. “I just have the plain white original” I whispered to a colleague sitting next to me.

About the only weird thing that happened today was that I was introduced again to someone with whom I’ve had continuous dealings over several years.

Breeze in the trees

In the last year alone, there have been four or five occasions when we’ve communicated via email, and on three occasions have had face to face dealings.

And yet, every time we’e introduced, it’s as if he’s never met before, and has no idea who I am. He looks at me blankly every time and says something along the lines, “nice to meet you”.

It’s odd, because I think I’m a fairly memorable (well, unforgettable) kind of person.

I know some people are good with names, but not faces, and every other variation you might care to consider, but sheesh!!

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