Seeing Clearly

David Campbell at Bar Me in 2005
David Campbell at Bar Me in 2005

I went and had an eye test today and guess what? I need reading glasses.

This doesn’t really comes as too much of a surprise to me.

Reassuringly though, I don’t need “full time” glasses, and maintain quite good long vision, even if my left eye is slightly better than the right.

About the only thing which I found difficult was the glaucoma test, where they project a “puff of air” into your eye at close range.

It was the first eye test I’ve had in at least 15 to 20 years, with the last one being for superannuation purposes back in the early 1990s. That test revealed the colour-blindness which I live with.

The bloke who did the test – as OPSM Broadway – was very good, very thorough and very friendly. He said on two separate occasions, “I’m not far behind you”, meaning he thought he was on the verge of needing reading glasses also. And did I mention he was cute?

After work, I met up with some friends to see David Campbell perform at the State Theatre. The last time the same four of us had seen him live was in 2005 at Bar Me in Kings Cross.

The show then was quite different to tonight’s. Back then it was very small, very intimate, and very informal. Very “cabaret”.

Tonight’s show at the State Theatre was much more in the style of “Shout” and all of those other big productions he has been involved in.

I have a personal preference for the smaller more intimate shows. And I think he’s a better performer in Cabaret than in rock, but it was still a really great night of entertainment.

He sang lots of instantly recognisable songs from the 60s and 70s, mostly upbeat.

The bit that gave me the biggest tingle, though, was when he sang Mr Bojangles. As with the last time I saw him play, his version gave me goose-bumps, literally.

Magic stuff.

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  1. But where’s the real news? What do the frames look like?

    1. MH – no frames yet. I’m heading out shopping on Monday afternoon with a friend. I figure it’s taken 43 years to get this far, I don’t need to rush it!! :)

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