That Gum’s A Bit Chewy

Condoms in vending machine
Condoms in vending machine

It wasn’t a remarkable day by any stretch of the imagination. It was enjoyable, though not remarkable.

As usual for a Wednesday, I caught up with friends at our favourite local pub.

And as usual (as per lately) the expensive bed sale was underway in the area where we normally like to sit.

So we found ourselves sitting closer to the kitchen, and closer to the vending machine.

I can’t remember if it was John or Vanessa who noted them first, but we all had a good laugh when someone noticed the new addition to the vending machine.

In the midst of the chips, the M&Ms, and nuts etc, were condoms. Quite well priced, actually at $2.50, the same price as a packet of chips.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great they sell condoms. But I do wonder about the placement of them in a vending machine that otherwise sells convenience foods.

And do you think it’s intentional they’ve placed the condoms quite near to the nuts and the snakes?

Or is that just my childish schoolboy sense of humour coming out?


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