Small Bar Friday

“I say they’re just not looking hard enough” was the phrase used by Laura in response to the sometimes-held belief that Sydney doesn’t have enough interesting bars.

I’d invited her for an after-work drink earlier in the day, to which she enthusiastically replied “yes”.

It’s a worry, though, isn’t it when you start thinking about an after-work drink straight after breakfast on Friday? “Yes, I know it’s the weekend and all that, and you need to make plans, but there’s something a bit odd about it too”, I explained to another colleague in the coffee shop downstairs.

I’d also asked Graeme, but he remains as sick as a dog and is resting up ahead of his trip to Europe.

So Laura and I had a drink at The Lounge, a funky little bar just off Crown Street, Surry Hills.

The Lounge, Surry Hills

In some ways, it’s like being in someone’s backyard, as there are fairy lights, concrete and old furniture all over the place.

And the crowd is definitely young and slightly groovy, mostly 20s and early to mid-30s. I recognised someone I knew on the other side of the bar. But the remaining faces ranged from the hip and groovy, out for a pre-night-on-the-town-drink, to the more likely after-work-crowd which had probably been there since five o’clock.

It was quite a social Friday actually, as I had also been out for lunch with a group of people from work to The Central (near the entrance to the Devonshire Street Tunnell) which does a delightful pizza for about $10-$15.

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