Tuesday in the Park

I had a split day.

I came to work early this morning, knocked off a few hours of things I had to do.

And then I came home for a few hours, because I’ve needed to be at work tonight from about 5.00-10.30.

In between time I did a few chores, and also took some time to relax in the park.

The main chore was go to the bank to deposit a cheque and go through my “change jars” at work, sort the coins, and deposit them. I had $93.90 in change in these two jars which brought me untold joy.

I have a friend who has a change jar which he uses to collect enough money to “indulge” himself in someone who he then pays to do a “proper clean” of his house. I don’t have anything in particular in mind when I cash in my jars, though it gives me an odd feeling of “financial independence”. Crazy, I know.

And then, just as I was sitting inside, I got the urge to go outside and head off the park to enjoy the sunshine.

It’s the most beautiful day in Sydney, with temperatures in the early to mid-20s.

Victoria Park

So, after wandering around for a while, I found myself lying shirtless in Victoria Park, enjoying the warmth.

I posted a photo of my afternoon in the park, to which Victor responded with…

I spent all day inside the hospoital being told by arriving patients what a gorgeous day it has been today and now I open your blog to read the same thing. Sheesh, we volunteers are pinned indoors slaving away whilst you ‘workers’ are sunning yourselves. I’m envious.

On Twitter, another friend replied,

you truly are a Scandinavian at heart.

…a reference to the sun-loving nature of the Swedes.

I noticed it twelve months ago, as in the middle of the day, you’d see people leave their workplace for lunch, and then go and sit in the park often in just their underwear.

Today as I sat in the park and thought back to that wonderful trip of twelve months ago I realised one thing. The Swedish summer is equivalent to a Sydney winter temperature wise. Today was such a gorgeous day in Sydney.

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