Friday Night And The Lights Are Low

Retrosexual - the reading matter on our table at the pub tonight

It’s been a bloody busy week at work,

I actually left a little bit early today – about 4.30 – because I needed to clear my head a little.

That’s one of the things about working with sound. Sometimes you just need a little quiet.

So I wandered around the city for a while not thinking about work, looking in shop windows, and generally chilling out a bit.

But even though I was totally bloody exhausted after and could have easily gone straight home to bed, I sent Graeme a text, asking if he felt like catching up for a drink. I’d seen him on Wednesday when he related some tales about his time in Sweden which was great. He told me a few other things also.

Oddly enough, we ran into a few people who joined us for a chat along the way, including The Other Andrew, and a bloke who used to be a barman at the pub we frequent. It was a lovely night of chatting and watching the world go by.

On arriving home, Sue and I chatted about our forthcoming holiday to NZ. We’re thinking South Island is probably the far more interesting option for this trip.

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  1. Personally, I’d think about the North Island. It depends what you want to do and see. The South Island is spectacular, true. But the centre of the North Island is very unusual and also spectacular in a different way. You can see lots of historical Maori sites, which you won’t see in the South Island,, and geothermal stuff, ditto. Lake Taupo is beautiful (even better if you like trout fishing!), and the mountains are also lovely. There isn’t the lake/mountain wow factor, but it’s a lot smaller, so you can see more stuff in less time.

    It’s your choice, of course, but email me if you want to talk about it more.

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