Friday Night And The Lights Are Low

Retrosexual - the reading matter on our table at the pub tonight

It’s been a bloody busy week at work,

I actually left a little bit early today – about 4.30 – because I needed to clear my head a little.

That’s one of the things about working with sound. Sometimes you just need a little quiet.

So I wandered around the city for a while not thinking about work, looking in shop windows, and generally chilling out a bit.

But even though I was totally bloody exhausted after and could have easily gone straight home to bed, I sent Graeme a text, asking if he felt like catching up for a drink. I’d seen him on Wednesday when he related some tales about his time in Sweden which was great. He told me a few other things also.

Oddly enough, we ran into a few people who joined us for a chat along the way, including The Other Andrew, and a bloke who used to be a barman at the pub we frequent. It was a lovely night of chatting and watching the world go by.

On arriving home, Sue and I chatted about our forthcoming holiday to NZ. We’re thinking South Island is probably the far more interesting option for this trip.


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