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Low Tide at Circular Quay
Low Tide at Circular Quay

I’ve never really thought of Sydney Harbour as being tidal before, but clearly it is.

I noticed this when I looked over the railing as I headed down to Opera Bar tonight for a Christmas drinks catchup.

As I looked over the railing I noticed some exposed rocks, and that’s when I came to this rather obvious conclusion.

I also had a smile on my face as I noticed a few people getting off one of those water-taxi cruises completely soaked. It looks like they had a fun time, and they were all laughing.

It reminded me, I later told Colin of a time when Damien and I had planned to have lunch at the Oyster Bar at Cricular Quay.

Waiting in the queue, we were eyeing off a table right against the railing.

Something happened to distract us, and a couple behind us managed to jump the queue and take “our” table.

Sunday night at Sydney Opera House
Sunday night at Sydney Opera House

Minutes later, a freak wave washed up and they were completely soaked.

Karma, eh?

Opera Bar was really busy and really noisy tonight.

I remember a time when you could swing a cat down there in the midst of all that awful orange and green furnishing.

These days it’s packed to the rafters.

We had to wait several minutes and wander around to try and find anywhere suitable to sit.

But we eventually did and had a great chat above the noise of all the chatters.

I really like Opera Bar, as I think the menu in particular, is really good. But it’s bloody noisy.

Next time, we decided we would go over to Cruise Bar on the other side of the quay. It’s cheaper. It’s quieter. And it enjoys a spectacular view of the Opera House.

Aside from that, I’ve done stuff-all else today. I had plannd a bit of washing and cleaning, but never quite got there.

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