Year in Review 2010

As I sit down on New Years Eve to think about what’s happened in my life this year, there’s so much to reflect upon: overseas trips, new adventures at work, and the death of a close family member. I ended last year feeling 2009 had been a year of treading water: I hadn’t really done […]

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More History

I went in search today of details about the still-born child my mum and dad had back in 1953. As with many things in my family, it wasn’t something that was talked about. Indeed, when I mentioned it to one of my older sisters, and showed her the record from the online historical indexes of […]

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There was a feeling of deja vu as we watched the “ethnic drumming” which opened the Tropical Fruits Film Festival in Lismore today. A couple of hours earlier I’d been at the now-disused Lismore Railway Station. Well, not completely disused, as the station is still used for railway buses and has a travel centre. Aside […]

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