Wednesday Exhaustion

After yesterday’s exhaustive day at work, though a good night’s sleep, I woke with every intention of going for a walk around Lake Burley-Griffin today, but never quite made it.

I figure if you’re staying in a lovely room you should make the most of it, and so I stayed in bed until about eight o’clock.

I was hoping to have a sleep on the bus home, but that wasn’t possible. There was a bloke behind me who crapped on for the entire three hours. He had a theory on everything from global warming, to the existence of God, the royal family, precious stones, you name it. And he apparently was an expert on every subject you would care to imagine.

I escaped into a world of music via my headphones. I have no idea how the young Asian bloke sitting next to him coped, though possibly he spoke English as a second language.

Although I toyed with the idea of NOT going to the pub tonight, I did, though left early only to come home for a quiet night in.

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