Crashing Through Walls

Ultimo Wall
Ultimo Wall

When I went to work this morning there was a construction site well and truly underway.

They’re building a pedestrian walkway at the back of the ABC.

By the time I left work, at about 6.30, a structure resembling The Berlin Wall had been erected. I’m calling it The Ultimo Wall.

I’m not sure what it has to do with the new pedestrian walkway, but it sure looks impressive.

And it kinda bears a resemblance to that other famous wall that was torn down on my twenty-fourth birthday on November 9, 1989.

November 9 is a big day in German history, by the way.

Historians point to a total of six historic events in German history that all happened on November 9.

In no way am I seeking to make light of these events, except to say the wall out the back of work, erected today, was quite a surprise when I left the office.

I would have stayed longer to ponder its beauty, except that I had to make my way to Swedish class.

Class tonight was a little larger than last week, with two new faces.

As with last week, we chatted a lot tonight, and we did some listening and reading exercises.

And surprise, surprise. I did all of my homework and submitted it on time! There were a few errors, but nothing too serious. It was crashing through my own wall in some ways.

Two weeks to go.

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